AMCAT Question Paper Solution

Asked in AMCAT 2016


AMCAT Previous Years Question Paper – 2016

1)Sum of money triples its self at compound interest in 2 years. In 9 years it will be
Ans: 10 Times
2) Log 8 64 – Log 64 4096=?
ans: 0
3)The number of ways in which 15 students A1,A2,—A15 can be ranked, such that A4 is always above A8 is
ans: 14!
4)When a local train travels at a speed of 60kmph, it reaches the destination on time. When the same train travels at speed of 50kmph, it reaches its destination 15 minutes late. What is the length of journey?
ans: 75 km
Distance is constant.So let time taken be t when it travels with 60kmph.Let time be t’ when it travels with 50kmph
60*t=50*(t+15/60)(in hrs)
on solving
t=5/4 hrs
5)A five -digit number divisible by 3 is to be formed using numerals 0,1,2,3,4 and 5 without repetition.
The total number of ways this can be done is:
he sum of the digits of any number that is divisible by ‘3’ is divisible by 3.
For instance, take the number 54372.
Sum of its digits is 5+4+3+7+2=21
As 21 is divisible by ‘3’, 54372 is also divisible by 3.
There are six digits viz., 0,1,2,3,4 and 5. To form 5-digit numbers we need exactly 5 digits. So we should not be using one of the digits.
The sum of all the six digits 0,1,2,3,4 and 5 is 15. We know that any number is divisible by 3 if and only if the sum of its digits is divisible by ‘3’.
Combining the two criteria that we use only 5 of the 6 digits and pick them in such a way that the sum is divisible by 3, we should not use either ‘0’ or ‘3’ while forming the five digit numbers.
Case 1
If we do not use ‘0’, then the remaining 5 digits can be arranged in:
5! ways=120 numbers.
Case 2
If we do not use ‘3’, then the arrangements should take into account that ‘0’ cannot be the first digit as a 5-digit number will not start with ‘0’.
The first digit from the left can be any of the 4 digits 1,2,4 or 5
Then the remaining 4 digits including ‘0’ can be arranged in the other 4 places in 4!ways.
So, there will be 4×4! numbers =4×24=96 numbers.
Combining Case 1 and Case 2, there are a total of 120+96= 216, 5 digit numbers divisible by ‘3’ that can be formed using the digits 0 to 5.
6)The number of possible selections of one or more questions from 8 given questions, each question
having an alternative, is
The ways are: alternative 1 or alternative 2 or not answering thus, three ways for each question ie 3^8 and (-1) for not answering any question.
7)Out of 7 consonants and four vowels ,how many words of three consonants and 2 vowels can be
Number of ways of selecting (3 consonants out of 7) and (2 vowels out of 4)
= (7C3 x 4C2)
= 7 x 6 x 5 x 4 x 3
3 x 2 x 1 2 x 1
= 210.
Number of groups, each having 3 consonants and 2 vowels = 210.
Each group contains 5 letters.
Number of ways of arranging
5 letters among themselves = 5!
= 5 x 4 x 3 x 2 x 1
= 120.
Required number of ways = (210 x 120) = 25200
Set 2
Amcat-Q1. The probability that a student passes Subject A, B or C is 98%. The probability that he or she passes A is 41%, B is 59%. The probability that he or she passes A and C is 25% and B and C is 20%. The probability that he or she passes all the 3 subjects is 14%. What is the probability that he or she passes subject C?
Ans. 29
Amcat-Q2.   Ritu has 3 shirts in shades of red, 4 in yellow shades and 5 in green shades . Three shirts are picked at random . the probability that all of those are in red shades is :
Ans.  Probability of picking red shirt is 3/12.  Hence 3/12*3/12*3/12=1/64
Amcat-Q3.   sangeeta invested rs.20,000 at 8 % per annual . if the interest is compounded half yearly , then total interest earned by sangeeta at the end of the year is:
Ans.  1632
Amcat-Q4.   What is the next number of the following sequence. 1,3,4,5,10,9,19,15,…..
Ans.  31,23
         first part-1,4,10,19
         19+12=31(3,6,9,12 are the multiples of 3)
         second part
        15+8=23(2,4,6,8 are the multiples of 2)
Amcat-Q5. The difference between a discount of 35% and two successive discounts of 20% and 20% on a certain bill was Rs. 22. Find the amount of the bill.
 (1) Rs. 1100
(2) Rs. 200
(3) Rs. 2200
(4) Data inadequate
Answer : 3) Rs. 2200
Amcat-Q6. A & B have two children E and F.T is tho only son of F.S is the spouse of E.Q is brother of T.How is Q related to S??
Answer : Son
Amcat-Q7. Lakshmi is mother in law of surabhi who is sister in law of dilip.rajat is father of raman.the only brother of lakshmi is related to dilip
d)mother in law
Answer : mother in law
Amcat-Q8. 6:60::120:?
Answer : e) 336
Amcat-Q9. If A # B means A is father of B; A $ B means A is mother of B, A @ B means A is sister of B, then how is B related to X in X $ K # A @ B?
 a) Grandson
 b) Grand-daughter
 c) Nephew
 d) Data Inadequate
Answer : d
Amcat-Q10.  Appeal: Refusal :: ?
a) Obesity: Over-eating
b) Deny : Affirmation
c) Try : Failure
d) Struggle : Victory
e) Examination : Passing
Answer: c
Amcat-Q11. A is started at noon at by 10 min past 5.the hour hand has turned through?
a) 145 degree
b) 150 degree
c) 155 degree
d) 160 degree
Answer : c) 155 degree
Amcat-Q12. Statements: Some dogs are bags. No bag is lion. All rooms are lions.
Conclusions: I. Some rooms are bags. II. Some dogs are lions. III. Some rooms are dogs.
a) All follows
b) Only I follows
c) Only II follows
d) Only III follows
e) None of these follows
Answer:  e
Amcat-Q13. pick one odd word from these words
Answer: chair
as other words are having 4 letters only, But chair has 5 letters.
Amcat-Q14. Express 4.33333 in p/q form
Answer: 4.33333 can be written as
                4+(1/3) since 1/3=.33333
                so the answer is 13/3
Amcat-Q15. P is the daughter of Q. R is the brother of P. S is the father of R. how is Q related to S ?
Answer: Q is the wife of s.
Amcat-Q16. A person wanted to withdraw X rupees and Y paisa from the bank. But cashier made a mistake and gave him Y rupees and X paisa. Neither the person nor the cashier noticed that. After spending 20 paisa, the person counts the money. And to his surprise, he has double the amount he wanted to withdraw.
Find X and Y. (1 Rupee = 100 Paisa)
Answer :
he wants to withdraw x rupee and y paisa
but he obtained y rupee and x paisa after spending 20 paisa remaining amount = y rupee and (x-20) paisa
it is given that y rupee (x-20) paisa = 2(x rupee y paisa)
on comparison we get y = 2x and x-20 = 2y but on solving we shall get x as a negative number which is a contradiction
an other case is also possible
y rupee (x-20) paisa = 2(x rupee y paisa)
so y rupee (x-20) paisa = 2(x rupee) 2(y paisa)
or y rupee (x-20) paisa = (2x+1) rupee (2y-100) paisa
y = 2x+1, x-20 = 2y-100
on taking y = 2x+1 in second equation, we get x-20 = 2(2x+1)-100
or x-20 = 4x+2-100 or 3x = 78 or x = 26, y = 53
Amcat-Q17.Two train each 500 m long, are running in opposite directions on parallel tracks. If their speeds are 45 km/hr and 30 km/hr respectively, the time taken by the slower train to pass the driver of the faster one is
A. 50 sec
B. 58 sec
C. 24 sec
D. 22 sec
Answer: C
Amcat-Q18. How many seconds will a 500 meter long train moving with a speed of 63 km/hr, take to cross a man walking with a speed of 3 km/hr in the direction of the train ?
A. 42
B. 50
C. 28
D. 30
Answer: D
Amcat-Q19. Integer x = 40, y = 35, z = 20, w = 10
Comment about the output of the following two statements:
print x * y / z – w
print x * y / (z – w)
A) Differ by 80
B) Same
C) Differ by 50
D) Differ by 160
Answer : A
Amcat-Q20. If HARD is coded as 1357 and SOFT is coded as 2468, what will 21448 stand for?
Answer :  C
Amcat-Q21.  Find the missing pattern – BOQD: ERTG:: ANPC : ?
Answer : A
Amcat-Q22. Here is an infix notation: ((A+B)*C-(D-E)) ^ (F+G) Choose the correct postfix notation of the above from the given options.
C) AB+C*DE-FG-+^
D)  A+BC*DE-FG-+^
Answer : B
Amcat-Q23.  Three consecutive whole numbers are such that the square of the middle number is greater than the product of the other two by 1. Find the middle number.
A)  6
B)  18
C) 12
D) All of these
Answer : D
Amcat-Q24.  Rahul is not wearing purple and Aman is not wearing black. Rahul and Sahil wear different colors. Avi alone wears green. What is Sahil’s color, if all four of them are wearing different colors?
A) Green
B) Black
C) Purple
D) Can’t Say
Answer : D
Amcat-Q25. The cost price of a Rs. 100 stock at 4 discount, when brokerage is 15% is
A. Rs. 96.25
B. Rs. 96.2
C. Rs. 97.25
D. Rs. 97.5
Answer: B
Amcat-Q26. A man invests some money partly in 12% stock at 105 and partly in 8% stock at 88. To obtain equal dividends from both, he must invest the money in the ratio:
A. 31 : 44
B. 35 : 44
C. 16 : 15
D. 31 : 27
Answer : B
Amcat-Q27.  Which pair of rational numbers lie between 1/5 and 2/5 –
A) 262/1000, 275/1000
B) 362/1000, 562/1000
C) 451/1000, 552/1000
D) 121/1000,131/1000
Answer : A
Amcat-Q28.  The market value of a 10.5% stock, in which an income of Rs. 756 is derived by investing Rs. 9000, brokerage being 1⁄4 %, is:
A. Rs. 124.75
B. Rs. 108.25
C. Rs. 125.25
D. Rs. 112.20
Answer: A
Amcat-Q29. Find the odd man out. 3576, 1784, 888, 440, 216, 105, 48
A. 105
B. 216
C. 888
D. 1784
Answer : A
Amcat-Q30. Find the odd man out. 30, -5, -45, -90, -145, -195, -255
A. -5
B. -145
C. -255
D. -195
Answer :B
Amcat-Q31. What is the value of 100P2 ?
A. 9801
B. 12000
C. 5600
D. 9900
Answer : D
Amcat-Q32.  Select the word or phrase that is similar in meaning to the given word:  INDISCREET
a. reliable
b. honest
c. prudent
d. stupid
Answer : d
Amcat-Q33. Select the word or phrase that is similar in meaning to the given word :  SOLICITUDE
a. insouciance
b. ingenuity
c. propriety
d. austerity
Amcat-Q34. (7-1 – 11-1) + (7-1 + 11-1) = ?
A. 2 × 7^-1
B. 2 × 11^-1
C. 14
D. 22
Answer : A
Amcat-Q35. One pipe can fill a tank four times as fast as another pipe. If together the two pipes can fill the tank in 36 minutes, then the slower pipe alone will be able to fill the tank in:
A. 144 min
B. 180 min.
C. 126 min
D. 114 min
Answer : B
Amcat-Q36. Select the word or phrase that is similar in meaning to the given word : Conceal
a. Hide
b. Seal
c. Ceiling
d. Horrifying
Answer : a
Amcat-Q37. In how many different ways can the letters of the word ‘JUDGE’ be arranged such that the vowels always come together?
A. None of these
B. 64
C. 32
D. 48
Answer : D
Amcat-Q38. Fill in the blank : Guilt is to Past as Hope is to ……
a. Present
b. Future
c. Today
d. Despair
e. Hopeless
Answer : b
Amcat-Q39. From the given choices select the odd man out:
a. Bird
b. Kite
c. Crow
d. Pigeon
e. Sparrow
Amcat-Q40. Find the opposite of given word : COMMISSIONED
A)  Started
B) Closed
C) Finished
D) Terminated
Answer : D
Amcat-Q41. Find the missing number
5 : 24 :: 8 : ?
a. 65
b. 63
c. 62
d. 64
Answer : b
Amcat-Q42. From the given choices select the odd man out
Answer : b
Amcat-Q43. if 6m = 46656, What is the value of 6m-2 ?
A. 36
B. 7776
C. 216
D. 1296
Answer : D
Amcat-Q44. 10222 ÷ 10220 = ?
A. 10
B. 100
C. 1000
D. 10000
Answer : B
Amcat-Q45 . If p and q are whole numbers and pq = 196, what is the value of (p – 3)(q+1) ?
A. 2744
B. 1
C. 121
D. 1331
Answer : D
Amcat-Q46. A leak in the bottom of a tank can empty the full tank in 6 hours. An inlet pipe fills water at the rate of 4 liters a minute. When the tank is full, the inlet is opened and due to the leak, the tank is empty in 24 hours. How many liters does the cistern hold?
A. 4010 liter
B. 2220 liter
C. 1920 liter
D. 2020 liter
Answer : C
Amcat-Q47. A cistern can be filled by a tap in 3 hours while it can be emptied by another tap in 8 hours. If both the taps are opened simultaneously, then after how much time will the cistern get filled?
A. 4.8 hr
B. 2.4 hr
C. 3.6 hr
D. 1.8 hr
Answer : A
Amcat-Q48. Two taps A and B can fill a tank in 5 hours and 20 hours respectively. If both the taps are open then due to a leakage, it took 40 minutes more to fill the tank. If the tank is full, how long will it take for the leakage alone to empty the tank?
A. 22 hr
B. 16 hr
C. 28 hr
D. 32 hr
Answer : C
Amcat-Q49. Bucket P has thrice the capacity as bucket Q. It takes 80 turns for bucket P to fill the empty drum. How many turns it will take for both the buckets P and Q, having each turn together to fill the empty drum?
A. 30
B. 45
C. 60
D. 80
Answer : C
Amcat-Q50. How many 3-letter words with or without meaning, can be formed out of the letters of the word, ‘LOGARITHMS’, if repetition of letters is not allowed?
A. 720
B. 420
C. None of these
D. 5040
Answer : A
Amcat-Q51. In how many different ways can the letters of the word ‘LEADING’ be arranged such that the vowels should always come together?
A. None of these
B. 720
C. 420
D. 122
Answer : B
Amcat-Q52. A coin is tossed 3 times. Find out the number of possible outcomes.
A. None of these
B. 1
C. 2
D. 8
Answer : D
Amcat-Q53. In how many different ways can the letters of the word ‘DETAIL’ be arranged such that the vowels must occupy only the odd positions?
A. None of these
B. 64
C. 120
D. 36
Answer : D
Amcat-Q54. A bag contains 2 white balls, 3 black balls and 4 red balls. In how many ways can 3 balls be drawn from the bag, if at least one black ball is to be included in the draw?
A. 64
B. 128
C. 32
D. None of these
Answer : A
Amcat-Q55. The given sentences when properly sequenced, form a coherent paragraph sentence is labelled with a number the four given choices to construct a coherent paragraph 1. He was so busy with them that 2.he did not get time to eat him and 3.asked different types of questions that night. 4. Swami Vivekanand once stayed in a small village
a. 2341
b. 3214
c. 4213
d. 4231
Amcat-Q56.Vinod took his meals after he
a.  completed his work
b. Had been completing his work
c. Was completing his work
d. Had been completed his work
e. Had got completed his work
Amcat-Q57. Select the word or phrase that is similar in meaning to the given word :  Nonchalance
a. Neutrality
b. Indifference
c. All-knowing
d. Ignorance
e. Untimeliness
Amcat-Q58. What is the smallest number which when diminished by 12, is divisible 8, 12, 22 and 24?
A. 276
B. 264
C. 272
D. 268
Answer : A
Amcat-Q59. What is the HCF of 13, 23 and 14 ?
A. 2/3
B. 1/3
C. 1/4
D. 1/12
Answer : D
Amcat-Q60. Two trains, one from P to Q and the other from Q to P, start simultaneously. After they meet, the trains reach their destinations after 9 hours and 16 hours respectively. The ratio of their speeds is
A. 2 : 3
B. 2 :1
C. 4 : 3
D. 3 : 2
Answer : C
Amcat-Q61 . A train having a length of 1/4 mile , is traveling at a speed of 75 mph. It enters a tunnel 3 ½ miles long. How long does it take the train to pass through the tunnel from the moment the front enters to the moment the rear emerges?
A. 3 min
B. 4.2 min
C. 3.4 min
D. 5.5 min
Answer : A
Amcat-Q62. A father said to his son, “I was as old as you are at the present at the time of your birth”. If the father’s age is 38 years now, what was the son’s age five years back?
A. 20 years
B. 18 years
C. 14 years
D. 22 years
Answer : C
Amcat-Q63 . Ayisha’s age is 1/6th of her father’s age. Ayisha ‘s father’s age will be twice the age of Shankar’s age after 10 years. If Shankar’s eight birthdays was celebrated two years before, then what is Ayisha ‘s present age.
A. 10 years
B. 5 years
C. 8 years
D. 12 years
Answer :  B
Amcat-Q64. What is the greatest number which on dividing 1223 and 2351 leaves remainders 90 and 85 respectively?
A. 1133
B. 127
C. 42
D. 1100
Answer : A
Amcat-Q65. What is the least multiple of 7 which leaves a remainder of 4 when divided by 6, 9, 15 and 18 ?
A. 364
B. 350
C. 343
D. 371
Answer :  A
Amcat-Q66. Two trains, each 100 m long are moving in opposite directions. They cross each other in 8 seconds. If one is moving twice as fast the other, the speed of the faster train is
A. 75 km/hr
B. 60 km/hr
C. 35 km/hr
D. 70 km/hr
Answer : B
Amcat-Q67. Two stations P and Q are 110 km apart on a straight track. One train starts from P at 7 a.m. and travels towards Q at 20 kmph. Another train starts from Q at 8 a.m. and travels towards P at a speed of 25 kmph. At what time will they meet?
A. 10.30 a.m
B. 10 a.m.
C. 9.10 a.m.
D. 11 a.m.
Answer : B
Amcat-Q68. A train overtakes two persons who are walking in the same direction to that of the train at 2 kmph and 4 kmph and passes them completely in 9 and 10 seconds respectively. What is the length of the train?
A. 62 m
B. 54 m
C. 50 m
D. 55 m
Answer : C
Amcat-Q69. A train is traveling at 48 kmph . It crosses another train having half of its length , traveling in opposite direction at 42 kmph, in 12 seconds. It also passes a railway platform in 45 seconds. What is the length of the platform?
A. 500 m
B. 360 m
C. 480 m
D. 400 m
Answer : D
Amcat-Q70. A is as much younger than B and he is older than C. If the sum of the ages of B and C is 50 years, what is definitely the difference between B and A’s age?
A. Data inadequate
B. 3 years
C. 2 years
D. 5 years
Answer : A
Amcat-Q71. Sobha’s father was 38 years of age when she was born while her mother was 36 years old when her brother four years younger to her was born. What is the difference between the ages of her parents?
A. 6 years
B. 5 years
C. 4 years
D. 3 years
Answer : A
Amcat-Q72. In what ratio must tea worth Rs. 60 per kg be mixed with tea worth Rs. 65 a Kg such that by selling the mixture at Rs. 68.20 a Kg ,there can be a gain 10%?
A. 3 : 2
B. 2 : 3
C. 4 : 3
D. 3 : 4
Answer : A
Amcat-Q73. A container contains a mixture of two liquids P and Q in the ratio 7 : 5. When 9 litres of mixture are drawn off and the container is filled with Q, the ratio of P and Q becomes 7 : 9. How many litres of liquid P was contained in the container initially?
A. 23
B. 17
C. 19
D. 21
Answer : D
Amcat-Q74. The percentage profit earned by selling an item for Rs. 1920 is equal to the percentage loss incurred by selling the same item for Rs. 1280. At what price should the item be sold to make 25% profit?
A. Insufficient Data
B. Rs. 3000
C. Rs. 2000
D. Rs. 2200
Answer : C
Amcat-Q75. An exporter expects a gain of 22.5% on his cost price. If in a week, his sale was of Rs. 392, what was his profit?
A. Insufficient Data
B. Rs. 80
C. Rs. 90
D. Rs. 72
Answer : D
Amcat-Q76. A runs 1 2⁄3 times as fast as B. If A gives B a start of 80 m, how far must the winning post be so that A and B might reach it at the same time?
A. 200 m
B. 270 m
C. 300 m
D. 160 m
Answer : A
Amcat-Q77. In a game of 100 points, A can give B 20 points and C 28 points. Then, B can give C:
A. 40 points
B. 14 points
C. 10 points
D. 8 points
Answer : C
Amcat-Q78. How many liters of water must be added to 16 liters of milk and water contains 10% water to make it 20% water in it
A. 4 liter
B. 2 liter
C. 1 liter
D. 3 liter
Answer : B
Amcat-Q79. We have a 630 ml of mixture of milk and water in the ratio 7:2. How much water must be added to make the ratio 7:3?
A. 70 ml
B. 60 ml
C. 80 ml
D. 50 ml
Answer : A
Amcat-Q80. A trader mixes 26 kg of rice at Rs. 20 per kg with 30 kg of rice of other variety at Rs. 36 per kg and sells the mixture at Rs. 30 per kg. What is his profit percentage?
A. 6%
B. 5%
C. 4%
D. 7%
Answer : B
Amcat-Q81. If a material is sold for Rs.34.80, there is a loss of 25%. Find out the cost price of the material?
A. Rs.48
B. Rs.44
C. Rs.46.40
D. Rs.47.20
Answer : C
Amcat-Q82. P runs 1 km in 3 minutes and Q in 4 minutes 10 secs. How many metres start can P give Q in 1 kilometre race, so that the race may end in a dead heat?
A. 210 meter
B. 180 meter
C. 220 meter
D. 280 meter
Answer : D
Amcat-Q83. A runs 1 3⁄8 times As fast as B. If A gives B a start of 90 m and they reach the goal at the same time. The goal is at a distance of
A. 330 m
B. 440 m
C. 120 m
D. 280 m
Answer : A
Amcat-Q84. Should India produce sophisticated nuclear weapons ? Arguments: I. Yes,India’s enemies are improving their own weapons. II. No, it will be contrary to our policy to maintain peace in the world.
A) Only argument I is strong.
B) Only argument II is strong.
C) Either I or II is strong.
D) Neither I nor II is strong.
E) Both I and II are strong.
Answer : A
Amcat-Q85. Should the parents who do not send their children to schools be punished?
Arguments: I.Yes, it is the only way to eradicate illiteracy. II. No, why should parents be punished ?
Op 1: Only argument I is strong.
Op 2: Only argument II is strong.
Op 3: Either I or II is strong.
Op 4: Neither I nor II is strong.
Op 5: Both I and II are strong.
Answer : op1
Amcat-Q86.  Trilogy : Novel :: ?
Op 1: Rice : Husk
Op 2: Milk : Cream
Op 3: Fabric: Weaving
Op 4: Gun : Cartridge
Op 5: Serial : Episode
Answer : Op 5
Amcat-Q87.  Resting : Fatigue :: ?
Op 1: Poverty : Disease
Op 2: Over-eating: Obesity
Op 3: Gourmet: Underweight
Op 4: Race: Exercise
Op 5: Dieting : Over-weight
Answer : Op 5
Amcat-Q88.  Pain : Misery :: ?
Op 1: Disease : Poverty
Op 2: Despair : Loneliness
Op 3: Ignorance: Confusion
Op 4: Superstition : Peasants
Op 5: Ignore : Greet
Answer : Op 3
Amcat-Q89.  Vandalism: Property :: ?
Op 1: Implication: Crime
Op 2: Embezzlement: Fraud
Op 3: Perjury: Testimony
Op 4: Malpractice: Cheating
Op 5: Testify: Reputation
Answer : Op  3
Amcat-Q90.  Should India develop a national water grid including all rivers of the country ?
Arguments: I. No, it is not feasible because we do not have technological knowledge.
II. Yes, because where there is shortage of water ,it can be helped by channelised water flowing.
Op 1: Only agrument I is strong.
Op 2: Only agrument II is strong.
Op 3: Either I or II is strong.
Op 4: Neither I nor II is strong.
Op 5: Both I and II are strong.
Answer : Op  2
Amcat-Q91. The eligibility for appearing for Common Entrance Test (CET) for engineering in state ‘M’ is now raised to 60% from earlier 50% at HSC examination.
Courses of action: I. Many candidates from state ‘M’ may not appear for CET this year and may appear from CET examination of other states.
II. At pre-examination screening candidate obtaining less than 60% at HSC will have to be eliminated.
Op 1: Only course of action I follows.
Op 2: Only course of action II follows.
Op 3: Either course of action I or II follows.
Op 4: Neither course of action I nor II follows.
Op 5: Both courses of action follows.
Answer : Op  2
Amcat-Q92.  Appeal: Refusal :: ?
Op 1: Obesity: Over-eating
Op 2: Deny : Affirmation
Op 3: Try : Failure
Op 4: Struggle : Victory
Op 5: Examination : Passing
Answer : Op  3
Amcat-Q93.  Acceleration : Speed : Velocity
Op 1: These denote laws of movement
Op 2: They are a function of Force x Motion
Op 3: They are scientific expression of motion
Op 4: All these are forms of gravitation
Answer : Op 3
Amcat-Q94.  Website : CD : Book
Op 1: They are modern storehouses
Op 2: They guide us in moral values
Op 3: They can be subscribed
Op 4: They are sources of specific information
Answer : Op 4
Amcat-Q95.  Statement:  The district administration has agreed to provide necessary infrastructural facilities to the proposed NRI-funded Trust’s project of supply of clean water to city ‘Z’.
Courses of action: I. The district administration should provide necessary land to the trust by completing due formalities.
II. The district administration should facilitate obtaining electricity and other permission to the trust.
Op 1: Only course of action I follows.
Op 2: Only course of action II follows.
Op 3: Either course of action I or II follows.
Op 4: Neither course of action I nor II follows.
Op 5: Both courses of action follows.
Answer : Op  5
Amcat-Q96.  Statement: The chairman of the car company announced in the meeting that all trials of its first product, the new car model ‘M’,  are over and company plans to launch its car in the marked after six months.
Courses of action: I. The network of dealers is to be finalsed and all legal, financial and other matters in this connection will have to be finalised shortly.
II. The company will have to make plans for products other than the car.
III. The Material, managerial and other resources will have to be in fine tune to maintain production schedule.
Op 1: I and III only
Op 2: Only I
Op 3: All the three
Op 4: Only II
Op 5: None of these
Answer : Op  1
Amcat-Q97.  Umbrella is to Rain what Goggles are to ……
Op 1: Light
Op 2: Glare
Op 3: Beam
Op 4: Sun
Answer : Op 2
Amcat-Q98.  Humanitarian is to Altruism what Host is to ……
Op 1: Hostage
Op 2: Hospitality
Op 3: Service
Op 4: Welcome
Answer : Op 2
Amcat-Q99.  Surplus is related to Sufficient as …… is related to Need.
Op 1: Gathering
Op 2: Demand
Op 3: Excess
Op 4: Storage
Answer : Op 3
Amcat-Q100.  Statement: One of the problems facing the food processing industry is the irregular supply of raw material. The producers of raw material are not getting a reasonable price.
Courses of action: I. The Government should regulate the supply of raw material to other industries also.
II. The Government should announce an attractive package to ensure regular supply of raw material for food processing industry.
Op 1: Only course of action I follows.
Op 2: Only course of action II follows.
Op 3: Either course of action I or II follows.
Op 4: Neither course of action I nor II follows.
Op 5: Both courses of action follows.
Answer : Op 2
Amcat-Q101.  Sheaf is related to Corn as …… is related to Books.
Op 1: Library
Op 2: Pile
Op 3: Anthology
Op 4: Shop
Answer : Op  2
Amcat-Q102.  Income Tax : Direct :: ?
Op 1: Import : Custom Duty
Op 2: Sale Tax : Indirect
Op 3: Export : Subsidy
Op 4: Wealth Tax : Wealth
Answer : Op 2
Amcat-Q103. Statement: There has been a significant drop in the water level of all the lakes supplying water to the city.
Courses of action: I. The water supply authority should impose a partial cut in supply to tackle the situation.
II. The government should appeal to all the residents through mass media for minimal use of water.
Op 1: Only course of action I follows. Op 2: Only course of action II follows. Op 3: Either course of action I or II follows. Op 4: Neither course of action I nor II follows. Op 5: Both courses of action follows. Answer : Op 2
Amcat-Q104.  Statement: The price of crude oil in the international market has considerably risen due to the unanimous decision of OPEC  members, to effect cut in crude oil production.
Courses of action: I. Government of India should immediately increase the price of petroleum products.
II. The government should increase the crude oil production of the domestic oil wells.
III. The government should absorb by using resources in its oil pool.
Op 1: Only I follows.
Op 2: Only I and II follow.
Op 3: Only II and III follow.
Op 4: Only II follows.
Op 5: None of these
Answer : Op 2
Amcat-Q105.  Newton : Gravitation :: ?
Op 1: Marie Curie : Uranium
Op 2: Kalpana : Rocket
Op 3: Archimedes : Buoyancy
Op 4: Davies : Safety Lamp
Answer : Op 3
Amcat-Q106.  Polygon : Perimeter :: ? Op 1: Triangle : Angles
Op 2: Circle : Circumference
Op 3: Semi-circle : Arc
Op 4: Square : Area
Answer : Op 2
Amcat-Q107.   Confute : Rebut :: Repellent : ?
Op 1: Pusher
Op 2: Attractive
Op 3: Repugnant
Op 4: Spray
Answer : Op 3
Amcat-Q108.  NDA: BJP :: ? : Congress
Op 1: UPS
Op 2: PUA
Op 3: UPA
Op 4: NPA
Answer : Op 3
Amcat-Q109. A large number of students studying in municipal schools could not pass the Xth std., Board examinations causing frustraction among the students and their parents.
Courses of action: I. The municipal authority should immediately fill up the teachers’ vacancies in the municipal schools.
II. The municipal authority should close down some of their schools and concentrate their attention on the remaining schools to improve the condition.
Op 1: Only course of action I follows.
Op 2: Only course of action II follows.
Op 3: Either course of action I or II follows.
Op 4: Neither course of action I nor II follows.
Op 5: Both courses of action follows.
Answer : Op 4
Amcat-Q110.  Conductor : Orchestra : Symphony
Op 1: Judge : Convict : Justice
Op 2: Player : Opponent : Game
Op 3: Author : Book : Magazine
Op 4: Teacher : Class : Lesson
Answer : Op 4
Amcat-Q111.  Abduct : Kidnap :: ?
Op 1: Pilfer : Steal
Op 2: Derail : Further
Op 3: Jump: Enjoy
Op 4: Clarify : Cuneal
Answer : Op 1
Amcat-Q112. Statement : “Man is born free but everywhere he is in chains.” Aristotle.
Conclusions : (a) All men are in chains.
(b) No one is a slave in the eyes of God.
(c) There are so many restrictions on man’s movement.
(d) God has created all people equal but society imposes so many political, social, religious and economic restrictions on them. (e) Man has so many chains of thought.
Op 1: conclusion a
Op 2: conclusion b
Op 3: conclusion c
Op 4: conclusion d
Op 5: conclusion e
Answer : Op 4
Amcat-Q113.  Monolith : Rock :: ?
Op 1: Continent : Ocean
Op 2: Tor : Lea
Op 3: Grain : Sand
Op 4: Cataract : Waterfall
Answer : Op 4
Amcat-Q114. Statement : In a class of 48 students, 75% are girls and the rest are boys. Only 50% of the students know swimming. Only 25% of the remaining take part in extra curricular activities.
Conclusions : (a) Girls are poor swimmers.
(b) Boys often hesitate in taking part in extra curricular activities.
(c) All the students in the class are good at studies.
(d) The school prefect belongs to this class.
(e) There are many students who are neither swimmers nor they take part in extra curricular activities.
Op 1: conclusion a
Op 2: conclusion b
Op 3: conclusion c
Op 4: conclusion d
Op 5: conclusion e
Answer : Op 5
Amcat-Q115.  Electrical Engineers : Grid :: Cosmologists : ?
Op 1: Group
Op 2: Faculty
Op 3: Galaxy
Op 4: Syndicate
Answer : Op 3
Amcat-Q116. Statement : Nearly 25% of drivers who cause accidents are not license holders.
Conclusions : (a) Only experts and trained persons are issued a driving license.
(b) One is allowed to drive even without a driving license.
(c) It is quite easy to get a driving license in India.
(d) Driving does not mix with drinking.
(e) Driving license holders are not drinkers.
Op 1: conclusion a
Op 2: conclusion b
Op 3: conclusion c
Op 4: conclusion d
Op 5: conclusion e
Answer : Op 1
Amcat-Q117.  Abjure : Adopt :: Forfeit : ?
Op 1: Squander
Op 2: Lavish
Op 3: Redeem
Op 4: Deposit
Answer : Op 3
Amcat-Q118.  Statement: Despite the availability of technology many umpiring decisions in cricket matches are wrong.
Conlcusions: I. Umpires do not take the help of the third umpire often. II. With the current rules, one cannot conclude how long the game of cricket will continue to suffer like this.
Op 1: Conclusion I follows.
Op 2: Conclusion II follows
Op 3: Either Conclusion I or II follows
Op 4: Neither conclusion I nor II follows
Op 5: Both conclusion I and II follows.
Answer : Op 5
Amcat-Q119.  Dividend: Shares :: ? : Debenture
Op 1: Bonus
Op 2: Gift Voucher
Op 3: Profit
Op 4: Interest
Answer : Op 4
Amcat-Q120. Statement: Many Non Government Organisations (NGO’s) are engaged in the task of getting social justice to those who are exploited.
Conlcusions: I. Social justice is extremely important for people.
II. Government has not been able to bring social justice to people.
Op 1: Conclusion I follows.
Op 2: Conclusion II follows
Op 3: Either Conclusion I or II follows
Op 4: Neither conclusion I nor II follows
Op 5: Both conclusion I and II follows.
Answer : Op 1
Amcat-Q121.  Pascal: Programming::Oracle: ?
Op 1: Internet
Op 2: Greek
Op 3: Java
Op 4: Teletext
Answer : Op 4
Amcat-Q122. Statement :The minimum qualification for this job is graduation .However the candidates who have appeared for the final year of graduation can also apply.
I. All candidates who have yet to graduate will be there in the list of selected candidates.
II. All candidates having graduation as their minimum qualification will be there in the list of selected candidates.
Op 1: Only conclusion one follows
Op 2: Only conclusion II follows
Op 3: Both the conclusion I and II follows
Op 4: Neither I nor II follows
Answer : Op 2
Amcat-Q123.  Statements: Some farmers are landlords. All landlords are labours. Some labours are merchants.
Conclusions: I. Some labours are farmers. II. Some merchants are farmers. III. Some merchants are landlords. IV. Some landlords are farmers.
Op 1: None follow
Op 2: Only IV follow
Op 3: Only I follow
Op 4: Both I and IV follows
Op 5: All follow
Answer : Op 4
Amcat-Q124. Statement :Tamarind is a typical tropical tree which needs little water but humid conditions.
Conclusions : I. All tropical trees need less water but more moisture. II. Tropical climate has more humidity.
Op 1: Conclusion I follows
Op 2: Conclusion II follows
Op 3: Both the conclusion I and II follow
Op 4: Either conclusion I or II follows
Op 5: Neither conclusion I nor II follows
Answer : Op 3
Amcat-Q125.  Statements: Some dogs are bags. No bag is lion. All rooms are lions.
Conclusions: I. Some rooms are bags. II. Some dogs are lions. III. Some rooms are dogs.
Op 1: All follows
Op 2: Only I follows
Op 3: Only II follows
Op 4: Only III follows
Op 5: None of these follows
Answer : Op 5
Amcat-Q126. A can do a particular work in 6 days . B can do the same work in 8 days. A and B signed to do it for Rs. 3200. They completed the work in 3 days with the help of C. How much is to be paid to C?
1) Rs. 380
2) Rs. 600
3) Rs. 420
4) Rs. 400
Answer : 4
Amcat-Q127.  P works twice as fast as Q. If Q alone can complete a work in 12 days, P and Q can finish the work in — days
1) 1
2) 2
3) 3
4) 4
Answer : 4
Amcat-Q128. Statements: All rings are birds. Some birds are cages. All cages are kites.
Conclusions: I. All kites are cages. II. Some kites are rings. III. Some birds are kites.
Op 1: Only I follows
Op 2: Only II follows
Op 3: Only III follows
Op 4: Only I and II follow
Op 5: None of these
Answer : Op 3
Amcat-Q129.  Statements: Some rings are phones. Some phones are computers. Some computers are stations.
Conclusions: I. Some stations are rings. II. Some phones are stations. III. Some computers are rings. IV. All rings are stations.
Op 1: None follows
Op 2: Only I and II follow
Op 3: Only I, II and III follow
Op 4: Only II and III follow
Op 5: All follow
Answer : Op 1
Amcat-Q130. In a recent survey report it has been stated that those who undertake physical exercise for at least half an hour a day are less prone to have any heart ailments.
Inferences: I. Moderate level of physical exercise is necessary for leading a healthy life. II. All people who do desk-bound jobs definitely suffer from heart ailments.
Op 1: Inference I follows.
Op 2: Only inference II follow.
Op 3: Both inferences I and II follow
Op 4: Neither inference I nor II follows.
Answer : Op 1
Amcat-Q131.  Statements: Some buses are rivers. All rivers are mountains. Some roads are mountains.
Conclusions: I. Some mountains are buses. II. Some roads are buses. III. Some roads are rivers. IV. Some mountains are roads.
Op 1: All follow
Op 2: Only II, III and IV follow
Op 3: Only III and IV follows
Op 4: Only I and IV follows
Op 5: None of these
Answer : Op 4
Amcat-Q132.  Statements:  Science is a sort of new agency comparable in principle to other news agencies. But this news agency gives us information which is reliable to an extraordinary high degree due to elaborate techniques of verification and its capacity to survive centuries. So science should be read with as much interest as we read news.
Assumptions : I. Science encourages investigative spirit. II. People read news out of interest.
Op 1: Only assumption I is implicit
Op 2: Only assumption II is implicit
Op 3: Both assumption I and II are implicit.
Op 4: Neither assumption I or II is implicit.
Answer : Op 3
Amcat-Q133. Statement: Should the term for Lok Sabha reduced to four years ?
Arguments : I. No, it would mean more frequent elections and more burden on the national exchequer.
II. Yes, it would make political leaders more conscious towards going to the voters.
Op 1: Only argument I is strong.
Op 2: Only argument II is strong
Op 3: Either I or II is strong.
Op 4: Neither I nor II is strong.
Op 5: Both I and II are strong.
Answer : Op 1
Amcat-Q134. Statements: Some disciplines are preachers. All preachers are saints. Some saints are not disciples.
Conclusions: I. Some saints are disciples. II. All disciples are saints. III. All preachers are disciples. IV. No Saint is disciples.
Op 1: No follows
Op 2: Only I follows
Op 3: Only I and III follow
Op 4: Only II and III follow
Op 5: All follow
Answer : Op 2
Amcat-Q135.  There are two matrices A and B of size nXn. The data in both these matrices resides only at positions where both the indices are a perfect square. Rest all positions have 0 as the data. Manuj has available a third matrix initialized with 0’s at all positions. He writes an efficient code to put the sum of A and B in C. What is the time complexity of Manuj’s program?
Op 1 : O(n^2)
Op 2 : O(n)
Op 3 : O(n1/2)
Op 4 : O(log(n))
Amcat-Q136.  Ravi and Rupali are asked to write a program to sum the rows of a 2X2 matrices stored in the array A. Ravi writes the following code (Code A):
for n = 0 to 1
sumRow1[n] = A[n][1] + A[n][2]
end Rupali writes the following code
(Code B):
sumRow1[0] = A[0][1] + A[0][2]
sumRow1[1] = A[1][1] + A[1][2]
Comment upon these codes (Assume no loop-unrolling done by compiler):
Op 1 : Code A will execute faster than Code B.
Op 2 : Code B will execute faster than Code A
Op 3 : Code A is logically incorrect.
Op 4 : Code B is logically incorrect.
Answer : 2
Amcat-Q137. Tarun writes an efficient program to add two upper triangular 10X10 matrices (elements on diagonal retained). How many total additions will his program make?
Op 1 : 100
Op 2 : 55
Op 3 : 25
Op 4 : 10
Answer : op 2
Amcat-Q138. Looking at a portrait of a man, Harsh said, “His mother is the wife of my father’s son. Brothers and sisters I have none.” At whose portrait was Harsh looking?
Op 1: His son
Op 2: His cousin
Op 3: His uncle
Op 4: His nephew
Op 5: None of these
Answer : op 1
Amcat-Q139. 2, 6, 30, 210, _____
Op 1: 1680
Op 2: 1800
Op 3: 1890
Op 4: 2010
Answer : Op 3
Amcat-Q140. While calculating time complexity of an algorithm, the designer concerns himself/herself primarily with the run time and not the compile time. Why?
Op 1 : Run time is always more than compile time.
Op 2: Compile time is always more than run time.
Op 3 : Compile time is a function of run time.
Op 4 : A program needs to be compiled once but can be run several times.
Answer : op 4
Amcat-Q141. The memory space needed by an algorithm has a fixed part independent of the problem instance solved and a variable part which changes according to the problem instance solved. In general, which of these two is of prime concern to an algorithm designer?
Op 1 : Fixed part
Op 2 : Variable Part
Op 3 : Product of fixed part and variable part
Op 4 : None of these
Answer : op 2
Amcat-Q142. If in a certain code “made” is coded as 1234 and “ream” is coded as 5421, then “dream” is coded as
Op 1: 35421
Op 2: 43512
Op 3: 35412
Op 4: 34521
Answer : Op 1
Amcat-Q143. Shreya writes the following program: integer i = 0, j while ( i < 2 ) { j = 0; while ( j <= 3*i ) { print j print blank space j = j + 3 } print end-of-line takes the cursor to the next line i = i + 1 } What will be the output of the program?
Op 1 :
0 3
Op 2 :
0 3
0 3 6
Op 3 :
0 3 6
0 3 6 9
Op 4 :
0 3 6
0 3 6 9
0 3 6 9 12
Answer : op 1
Amcat-Q144. 2197:13 :: 3375 : ?
Op 1: 11
Op 2: 17
Op 3: 15
Op 4: 9
Answer : Op 3
Amcat-Q145.  7:11::31: ?
Op 1: 33
Op 2: 37
Op 3: 39
Op 4: 42
Answer : Op 2
Amcat-Q146. Bhavya wants to make a program to print the sum of all perfect squares, where the value of the squares go from 0 to 50. She writes the following program:
integer i = 1, a // statement 1
integer sum = 0
while ( a < 50 ) // statement 2
sum = sum + a // statement 3
i = i + 1
a = ( i * i ); // statement 4
print sum
Does this program have an error? If yes, which one statement will you modify to correct the program?
Op 1 : Statement 1
Op 2 : Statement 2
Op 3 : Statement 3
Op 4 : Statement 4
Op 5 : No error
Answer : op 1
Amcat-Q147. QT : FHK :: DFI 😕
Op 1: CEH
Op 2: BEH
Op 3: BFH
Op 4: AFH
Answer : Op 1
Amcat-Q148. Shashi wants to make a program to print the sum of the first 10 multiples of 5. She writes the following program, where statement 5 is missing:
integer i = 0
integer sum = 0
while ( i <= 50 )
sum = sum + i
print sum
Which of the following will you use for statement 5?
Op 1 : i = 5
Op 2 : i = 5 * i
Op 3 : i = i + 1
Op 4 : i = i + 5
Answer : op 4
Amcat-Q149. Smriti wants to make a program to print the sum of square of the first 5 whole numbers (0…4). She writes the following program:
integer i = 0 // statement 1
integer sum = 0 // statement 2
while ( i < 5 ) // statement 3
sum = i*i // statement 4
i = i + 1 // statement 5
print sum // statement 6
Is her program correct? If not, which statement will you modify to correct it?
Op 1 : No error, the program is correct.
Op 2 : Statement 1
Op 3 : Statement 4
Op 4 : statement 6
Answer : op 4
Amcat-Q150 . FACE: HACE :: BACE 😕
Op 1: DACE
Op 2: CASE
Op 3: NACE
Op 4: LACE
Answer : op 1
Amcat-Q151.  log(2x+3)+log(2x-3)=log55.what will be the value of x?
Answer : a
Amcat-Q152. A sorting algorithm iteratively traverses through a list to exchange the first element with any element less than it. It then repeats with a new first element. What is this sorting algorithm called?
Op 1 : insertion sort
Op 2 : selection sort
Op 3 : heap sort
Op 4 : quick sort
Answer : op 2
Amcat-Q153.  Films are becoming a medum of cultural contacts,good relations and______among different countries.
Answer : c
Amcat-Q154. D18H : G27k :: R60V : …
a) U111Y
b) U69Y
c) J69Y
d) J111Y
Answer : b
Amcat-Q155. A sorting algorithm traverses through a list, comparing adjacent elements and switching them under certain conditions.
What is this sorting algorithm called?
Op 1 : insertion sort
Op 2 : heap sort
Op 3 : quick sort
Op 4 : bubble sort
Answer : op 4
Amcat-Q156. The order of magnitude of the worst case performance of a hash coded search (over N elements) is
Op 1 : N
Op 2 : N log2 N
Op 3 : log2 N
Op 4 : not dependent upon N
Answer : op 1
Amcat-Q157.  D4P:H4L:P5R:…
Answer : c
Amcat-Q158. cia is only daughter of bob who was celebrating her b’day.A total of 5 member attended the party.Amy was daughter-in-law of frida who was the wife of Emanuel.Danny was the son of Amy and brother of cia.How is Amy related to Emanuel??
b)grand daughter
Answer : a
Amcat-Q159. Find what is next number
Answer : 16000
Amcat-Q160. Which of the following method may or may not have its methods implementation?
b)abstract class
c)generic class
d)anonymous class
Answer :  b
Amcat-Q161.Pankaj stores n data elements in a hash table. He is able to get the best efficiency achievable by a hash table. What is
the time complexity of accessing any element from this hash table?
Op 1 : O(1)
Op 2 : O(n2)
Op 3 : O(log n)
Op 4 : O(n)
Answer : op 1
Amcat-Q162. The time complexity of linear search algorithm over an array of n elements is
Op 1 : O (log2 n)
Op 2 : O (n)
Op 3 : O (n log2 n )
Op 4 : O (n2)
Answer : op 2
Amcat-Q163. To solve a problem, it is broken in to a sequence of smaller sub-problems, till a stage that the sub-problem can be easily solved. What is this design approach called?
Op 1 : Top-down Approach
Op 2 : Bottom-Up Approach
Op 3 : Procedural Programming
Op 4 : None of these
Answer : op 1
Amcat-Q164. which of the following statement is not true about tagged union???
a)it is known as variant.
b)Only one data type is used at a time.
c)it holds value of a variable sized different data types.
d)the tag field determines which datatype is being currently used.
Answer : c
Amcat-Q165. Tarun wants to write a code to divide two numbers. He wants to warn the user and terminate the program if he or she
enters 0 as the divisor. Which programming construct can he use to do this?
Op 1 : Iteration
Op 2 : Decision-making
Op 3 : Recursion
Op 4 : None of these
Answer : op 2
Amcat-Q166. Four different electronic devices make a beep after every 30 minutes, 1 hour, 3/2 hour and 1 hour 45 minutes respectively. All the devices beeped together at 12 noon. They will again beep together at:
Op 1: 12 midnight
Op 2: 3 a.m.
Op 3: 6 a.m.
Op 4: 9 a.m.
Answer : Op 4
Amcat-Q167. A robust program has which one of the following features?
Op 1 : It runs correctly on some inputs
Op 2 : It is robust to hardware damage
Op 3 : It can handle incorrect input data or data types.
Op 4 : None of these
Answer : op 3
Answer : BOHSBP
Amcat-Q168. For solving a problem, which of these is the first step in developing a working program for it?
Op 1 : Writing the program in the programming language
Op 2 : Writing a step-by-step algorithm to solve the problem.
Op 3 : Compiling the libraries required.
Op 4 : Code debugging
Answer : op 2
Amcat-Q169. Zenab and Shashi independently write a program to find the the mass of one mole of water, which includes mass of
hydrogen and oxygen. Zenab defines the variables:
integer hydrogen, oxygen, water // Code A
while Shashi defines the three quantities as:
integer a, b, c // Code B
Which is a better programming practice and why?
Op 1 : Code B is better because variable names are shorter
Op 2 : Code A is better because the variable names are understandable and non-confusing
Op 3 : Code A will run correctly, while Code B will give an error.
Op 4 : Code B will run correctly, while Code A will give an error.
Answer : op 2
Amcat-Q170. A boy has 4 different boxes and 5 different marbles. In how many ways can he place the marbles in the boxes such that each box has at least one marble ?
a) 560
b) 240
c) 420
d) 36
Answer : b
Amcat-Q171. Neelam wants to share her code with a colleague, who may modify it. Thus she wants to include the date of the program creation, the author and other information with the program. What component should she use?
Op 1 : Header files
Op 2 : Iteration
Op 3 : Comments
Op 4 : Preprocessor directive
Answer : op 3
Amcat-Q172. Select the word which is OPPOSITE in the meaning of the given word: INDISCREET
a) Reliable
b) Honest
c) Prudent
d) Stupid
Answer : c
Amcat-Q173. A variable cannot be used…
Op 1 : Before it is declared
Op 2 : After it is declared
Op 3 : In the function it is declared in
Op 4 : Can always be used
Answer : op 1
Amcat-Q174. Raju has a book of tickets and wants to store ticket numbers in a data structure. New tickets are added to the end of the booklet. Ticket at the top of the stack is issued to the customer. Which data structure should Raju use to represent the ticket booklet?
a) Queue
b) Stack
c) Array
d) Graph
Answer : a
Amcat-Q175. An integer X is saved as an unsigned 8-bit number, 00001011.What is X?
Op 1 : 22
Op 2 : 11
Op 3 : 10
Op 4 : None of these
Answer : op 2
Amcat-Q176. A queue is implemented as a (singly linked) linked-list for easy addition and deletion of elements. Each node has an element and pointer to another node. Which node will point to empty/no location?
a) Front
b) Rear
c) Both
d) None of these
Answer : b
Amcat-Q177. There are two loops which are nested. This implies which one of the following?
Op 1 : Two loop, one after the other
Op 2 : Two loops, one inside the others
Op 3 : One loop with two different iteration counts
Op 4 : Two loops with the same iteration count
Answer : op 2
Amcat-Q172. The construct “if (condition) then A else B” is for which of the following purposes?
Op 1 : Decision-Making
Op 2 : Iteration
Op 3 : Recursion
Op 4 : Object Oriented Programming
Answer : op 1
Amcat-Q173. Consider the statement
while (a < 10.0) { a = a*a }
Assuming a is positive, for what value of a will this code statement result in an infinite loop?
Op 1 : a < 1.0
Op 2 : a < sqrt(10)
Op 3 : a > sqrt(10)
Op 4 : a = 0
Answer : op 2
Amcat-Q174. which is not a data type ?
A) boolean
B) array
C) float
D) char
Answer : B
Amcat-Q175. If A= {2, 4, 6}, B= {1, 2, 5, 7}, and C= {2, 3, 4, 6}. Find A-(B U C)
Answer : {}
Amcat-Q176. If lcm of 2 nums is 729 then hcf?
Answer : 1
Amcat-Q177. Som writes a piece of code where a set of three lines occur around 10 times in a diffrenet parts of your program. What programming concept can he use to shorten program code length?
a) use for loops
b) use functions
c) use arrays
d)use classes
Answer : b
Amcat-Q178. A company needs to choose a team of 4 from a group of 3 content managers, 3 R&D engineers and 5 client engagement managers for the completion of a project. What is the probability that exactly 3 of them are client engagement managers?
Answer : 2/11
Amcat-Q179. Three successive discounts of 6%,10%,15% is equal to a single discount of
a 25%
b 28.90%
c 30%
d 31%
e 28.09%
Answer : e
Amcat-Q180. A Vehicle and an engine have a ________________________.
A) Is – A relationship
B) Has – A relationship
C) No relationship
D) Polymorphic relationship
Answer : B
Amcat-Q181. Which of the following is not a valid type of polymorphism?
a) adhoc polymorphism
b)imperative polymorphism
c) predictattive polymorphism
d) inclusion polymorphism
Answer : b
Amcat-Q182. Which of the following is not a valid identifier
a) _abc
b) ab_c
c) ab__c
d) both 1 and 3
Amcat-Q183. 7^a+4* 5^b=1715 value of ab=??
Answer : -1
Amcat-Q184. if ab,c are gp then loga, logb, logc are in
a) ap
b) gp
c) hp
d) None
Answer : a
Amcat-Q185. Set of 3 lines occurred 10 times in different parts of program. Parts of program are:
A) loops
B) functions
C) arrays
D) classes
Answer : B
Amcat-Q186. If r = at2 and s = 2at, the relation among s, r and a is:
Op 1: s2=4ar
Op 2: s=ar
Op 3: s=2ar
Op 4: s2=ar
Op 5: None of these
Answer : op1
Amcat-Q187. If a, b, c are roots of the equation 1×3-4×2+6.5x + 3.5 = 0, then what is the value of a2 + b2 + c2?
Op 1: 1
Op 2: 64
Op 3: 169
Op 4: 3
Answer : op 4
Amcat-Q188. In a purse there are 30 coins, twenty one-rupee and remaining 50-paise coins. Eleven coins are picked simultaneously at random and are placed in a box. If a coin is now picked from the box, find the probability of it being a rupee coin?
Op 1: 4/7
Op 2: 1/2
Op 3: 2/3
Op 4: 5/6
Answer : op 3
Amcat-Q189. 47,322 buld are to be packed insevaral boxs. Each box should contain”s equal Numbers of bulbs and no bulb should be unpacked number of boxed used can be:
1. 12
2. 11
3. 8
4. 14
Answer : 2
Amcat-Q190. A, B, C, D and E play the following game. Each person picks one card from cards numbered 1 through 10. The person who picks the greatest numbered card loses and is out of the game. Now the remaining four return their cards to the pack and draw again, and
Op 1: 3/14
Op 2: 4/17
Op 3: 1/5
Op 4: 5/24
Answer : op 3
Amcat-Q191. What is price of a pair of sandles is decreased by 10% the number of pair sold incresed by 20%. what is next effect on sells?
1.8% decreses
2.10% decreses
3.10% increses
4. 8% increses
Answer : 4
Amcat-Q192. How money factors does 400 have?
A) 8
B) 10
C) 12
D) 15
Answer : D
Amcat-Q193. A lady gives dinner party to five guests to be selected from 9 friends .The number of ways of forming the party of 5,given that two of the friends will not attend the party together is
Answer : 91
Amcat-Q194.  Not keyword in exception handling
A) try
B) rethrow
C) catch
D) access
Answer : D
Amcat-Q195. There are 5 letters and five addressed envelops. the number of ways in which all the letters can be put in wrong envelops is
Answer : 44
Amcat-Q196. log3 9-log4 256+log5 125=?
Answer : 1
Amcat-Q197.  A 8-bit signed integer has the following range:
a. 0 to 255
b. -128 to 127
c. -255 to 254
d. 0 to 509
Answer : b
Amcat-Q198.   What is the greatest 4-digit perfect square, which is exactly divisible by 3, 5, 7 and 9?
1. 9999
2. None of these
3. 9801
4. Cannot be determined
5. 11025
Answer :  2
Amcat-Q199.  754:310::976:??
Answer : 643
Amcat-Q200. Which is more-successive discount of 40% of 30 % OR flat 70% ?
Answer : flat 70%
Amcat-Q201.   6,9,__,24,39.
1) 18
2) 15
3) 10
4) 12
Answer :  15