Flipkart Interview Process 2016

AMCATFlipkart Interview Process

applied for the position of Software Development Engineer from my
university and the process took one day. I can’t say if you are applying
via other sources; the process may take more days. Then, I was
interviewed at Flipkart. There are three face to face interviews at
Flipkart and I was selected through an online test that happens before
everything. After that, the offer was made.

Round 1 – Online Test
I applied from my university, I sat on the campus placement drive at my
college. To select the candidates, there was an online test. The test
was multiple choice questions based and the questions were basic to
average level. It was easy overall.

Round 2 – Face to Face Interview Round
round is just to know about you and your concentrations. They will ask
about your strong points. Some questions will be asked which were very
basic in nature and related to programming only. Some aptitude questions
were also asked.

Round 3 – Technical Interview Round
the previous round, I got comfortable with the Flipkart Staff. They are
really nice people. In this round as well, I did not feel any pressure
over me. The questions were easy and based on algorithm majorly.

One of the question:
Q. What is the tracking algorithm of the nearest location to some friends that are located in a grid region?

Round 4 – Second Technical Interview Round
round was relatively tougher but not tough enough if you have prepared.
Again problems related Algorithms were asked and also some questions
based on DS.
Some questions:
Q1. How to find 3rd element from end in a linked list in one pass?
Q2. How to reverse String in Java?
Q3. Write a Java program to sort an array using Bubble Sort algorithm.

the fourth round, the offer was made. You will be asked some basic
details about yourself and all the HR related questions. You can make
your negotiations here. The people are really nice and thus don’t think