Elitimus Question Paper 2017 set 1


1. If a number x is in octal form and having zero as unit place then if we change that number x in decimal form then what is the probability that number x having zero as unit place?
a) 1/40
b) 3/560
c) 11/64
d) 1/8
e) data insufficient
Ans: 11/40
2. log x = 1; log y = 2 then then value of log y /log x
a) 1/4
b) 2/50
c) 1/6
d) 1
e) data insufficient
Ans: 1
3. Einstein walks on an escalator at a rate of 5steps per second and reaches the other end in 10 sec. while coming back, walking at the same speed he reaches the starting point in 40secs. What is the number of steps on the escalator?
a) 40
b) 60
c) 120
d) 80
e) data insufficient
Escalator problems are similar to boats and streams problems.  If we assume man’s speed as ‘a m/s’ and escalator speed as ‘b m/sec’ then while going up man’s speed becomes ‘a -b’ and while coming down ‘a + b’.
In this question, Let the speed of escalator be b steps per sec.  And length of escalator be L.   Einstein’s speed = 5 steps/ sec
While going down,  L5+x=10L5+x=10 ⇒⇒ L = 50 + 10x
While coming up, L5−x=40L5−x=40 ⇒⇒ L = 200 – 40x
Multiply the first equation by 4, and add to the second, we get L = 804.