Accenture Previous Years Question Bank 2

Find solutions for all the questions at the end of each set:

Set A

1. A boat travels 24 km upstream in 6 h and 20 km downstream in 4 h. The, the speed of a boat in still water and the speed of water current are respectively 

(a) 4 km/h and 3 km/h

(b) 4.5 km/h and 0.5 km/h

(c) 4 km/h and 2 km/h

(d) 5 km/h and 2 km/h

2. The current of a stream runs at the rate of 4 km in an hour. A boat goes 6 km and comes back to the starting point in 2 h. The speed of the boat in still water is 

(a) 6 km/h

(b) 8 km/h

(c) 7.5 km/h

(d) 6.8 km/h

3. A sailor goes 12 km downstream in 48 min and returns in 1 h 20 min. The speed of the sailor in still water is 

(a) 12 km/h

(b) 12.5 km/h

(c) 13 km/h

(d) 15 km/h

4. The speed of the current is 5 km/h. A motorboat goes 10 km upstream and back again to the starting point in 50 min. The speed (in km/h) of the motorboat in still water is 

(a) 20

(b) 26

(c) 25

(d) 28

5. A boat covers 12 km upstream and 18 km downstream 3 h, while it covers 36 km upstream and 24 km downstream in 61/2 h. What is the speed of the current?

(a) 1.5 km/h

(b) 1 km/h

(c) 2 km/h

(d) 2.5 km/h

6. A boat covers 24 km upstream and 36 km downstream in 6 h, while it covers 36 km upstream and 24 km downstream in 61/2 h. The speed of he current is

(a) 1 km/h

(b) 2 km/h

(c) 1.5 km/h

(d) 2.5 km/h

7. A boat goes 6 km in an hour in still water but takes thrice as much time in going the same distance against the current. The speed o the current (in km/h) is

(a) 4

(b) 5

(c) 3

(d) 2

8. Speed of a boat is 5 km/h in still water and the speed of the stream is 3 km/h. If the boat takes 3 h to go to a place and come back, the distance of the place is 

(a) 3.75 km

(b) 4 km

(c) 4.8 km

(d) 4.25 km

9. A man can swim at the rate of 4 km/h in still water. If he speed of the water is 2 km/h. Then, the time taken by him to swim 10 km upstream is

(a) 2 1/2 h

(b) 3 1/2 h

(c) 5 h

(d) 4 h

10. A boy can swim in still water at a speed of 10 km/h. If the speed of the current would have been 5 km/h, then the boy could swim 60 km

(a) upstream in 4 h

(b) upstream in 12 h

(c) upstream in 6 h 

(d) downstream in 4 h

Answers ..!!!

1. (b) 

2. (b) 

3. (a) 

4. (c) 

5. (c) 

6. (b) 

7. (a) 

8. (c) 

9. (c) 

10. (b) 

Find solutions for all the questions at the end of each set:

Set B

.The sum of five consecutive even numbers is equal to 170. What is the sum of the second largest number and the square of the smallest number amongst them together?
(a) 940   
(b) 932 
(c) 936   
(d) 934 
2.If 50% of (x – y) = 20% of (x + y), then what percent of x is y?
(a) 250/7 %  
(b) 300/7 %
(c) 150/7 %  
(d) 42%
3.In a stream running at 2 kmph, a motorboat goes 6 km upstream and back again to the starting point in 33 minutes. Find the speed of the motorboat in still water.
(a) 22 km/hr  
(b) 20 km/hr
(c) 25 km/hr  
(d) 18 km/hr
4.In a school 70% of the students are girls. The number of boys are 510. Then the total number of students in the school is:
(a) 850    
(b) 1700
(c) 1830    
(d) 2000
5.A shopkeeper mixed two verities of rice at Rs. 20/kg and Rs. 30/kg in the ratio 2 : 3 and sell the mixture at 10% profit. Find the price per kg at which he sold the mixture? 
(a) Rs. 26   
(b) Rs. 28.8  
(c) Rs. 28   
(d) Rs. 28.6
6.A tap can fill a tank in 6 hours. After half these tank is filled, three more similar taps are opened. What is the total time taken to fill the tank completely?
(a) 3 hours 15 min  
(b) 3 hours 45 min
(c) 3 hours 40 min  
(d) 3 hours 50 min
7.A merchant has 1000 kg of sugar part of which he sells at 8% profit and the rest at 18% profit. He gains 14% on the whole. The Quantity sold at 18% profit is
(a) 400   
(b) 300
(c) 600   
(d) 250
8.An order was placed for supply of carpet of breadth 3 meters, and the length of the carpet was 1.44 times of the breadth. Subsequently the breadth and the length were increased by 25 and 40 per cent respectively. At the rate of Rs 45  per square metre, what would be the increase in the cost of the carpet?
(a) Rs 1020.60  
(b) Rs 398.80  
(c) Rs 437.40  
(d) Rs 583.20
9.Rs.460 was divided among 41, boys and girls such that each boy Rs.12 and each girl got Rs.8. What is the number of boys?
(a) 33   
(b) 30
(c) 36   
(d) 28
10.What will be the compound interest accrued on an amount of Rs 10,000 @20p.c.p.a. in two years if the interest is compounded half-yearly? 
(a) Rs 4,400   
(b) Rs 4,600 
(c) Rs 4,641   
(d) Rs 4,680
Answers …..

Find solutions for all the questions at the end of each set:

Set C

1. The average age of P, Q and R is 5 yr more than R’s age. If the total ages of P and Q together is 39 yr, then R’s age is 
(a) 16 yr 
(b) 14 yr
(c) 12 yr
(d) 24 yr
2. The least number by which 20184 must be multiplied, so as to make the product a perfect square is 
(a) 5
(b) 6
(c) 2
(d) 3
3. Two pipes A and B can separately fill a tank in 2 h and 3 h respectively. If both the pipes are opened simultaneously in the empty tank, then the tank will be filled in 
(a) 1 h 15 min
(b) 1 h 20 min
(c) 1 h 12 min
(d) 2 h 30 min
4. A bicycle wheel has a diameter (including the tyre) of 56 cm. The number of times the wheel will rotate to cover a distance of 2.2 km is (Assume π=22/7)
(a) 1875
(b) 2500
(c) 625
(d) 1250
5. The average of two numbers is 8 and that of another three numbers is 3.  The average of those five numbers is
(a) 6
(b) 5
(c) 7
(d) 5.5
6. A merchant loses 10% by selling an article. If the cost price of the article is Rs. 15, then the selling price of the article is 
(a) Rs.12.30 
(b) Rs.13.50
(c) Rs.13.20
(d) Rs.16.50
7. Yogita sold a plasma TV at 20% gain to Shyamla. Shyamla sold it to Deepa at 10% profit. If Deepa had to pay Rs. 33000 for the plasma TV, find the cost price of the plasma TV for Yogita. 
(a) Rs. 35000
(b) Rs. 40000
(c) Rs. 30000
(d) Rs. 25000
8. At an election there were two candidates. A candidate got 38% vote and lost by 7200 number of votes. The total number of valid votes were
(a) 16200
(b) 30000
(c) 13000
(d) 13800
9. A car travels at a speed of 60 km/h and covers a particular distance in 1h. How long will it take for another car to cover the same distance at 40 km/hr?
(a) 3/2 h
(b) 1 h
(c) 5/2 h
(d) 2 h 
10.  The compound interest on a sum of money for 2 yr is Rs. 615 and the simple interest for the same period is Rs. 600. Find the principal.
(a) Rs. 8000
(b) Rs. 9500
(c) Rs. 6500
(d) Rs. 6000
Answers will be updated soon…..
Let the age of P = x yr.
Age of Q = y yr and age of R = z yr
Now, (x+y+z)/3 = z+5
=> x+y – 2z = 15  ….  (i)
and x+y = 39      ….  (ii)
on solving Eqs.(i) and (ii), we get
z = 12 yr
2. (b)
3. (c)
pipe A fills a tank in 1 h = 1/2
pipe B fills a tank in 1 h = 1/3
Both pipe can fill a tank in 1 h = 1/2 + 1/3 = 5/6
So,both pipe can fill an empty tank = 6/5 h = 1 h 12 min
4. (d)
5. (b)
6. (d)
7. (d)
8. (b)
9. (a)
10. (d)