Accenture Previous Years Question Bank 4

Find solutions for all the questions at the end of each set:

Set A

1. What will be the difference in simple and compared interest @12% per annum on a sum of 960 after 2 years?
(1) Rs. 13.824  
(2) Rs. 24.04
(3) Rs. 20.224  
(4) Rs. 31 
2.When two is added to half of one-third of one-fifth of a number, the result is one-fifteenth of the number. Find the number.
(a) 40                            
(b) 50                                           
(c) 60                                            
(d) 70
3.A shopkeeper sold an article at 26% profit after giving a 30% discount. Had he not offered any discount, his profit percentage would have been …………….
(a) 60%                        
(b) 75%                        
(c) 80%                                        
(d) 90%
4. Two pipes A & B can fill a tank in 36 hours and 45 hours respectively. If both the pipes are open simultaneously. How much times will be taken to fill the tank?  
(a)20 hour
(b)25 hour
(c)15 hour
(d)30 hour
5. A, B and C together can do a work in 4 days. A alone can do the work in 12 days B alone can do the same work in 18 days. Find in what time C alone can do the same work alone?
(a) 9 days
(b) 18 days
(c) 27 days
(d) 8 days
6.The cost of 7 tables and 12 chairs is Rs 48,250. What is the cost of 21 tables and 36 chairs?
A) Rs 96,500  
B) Rs l,25,500   
C) Rs l,44,750  
D) Cannot be determined  
7. A trader sells 145 metre of cloth for Rs 12,325 at the profit of Rs 10 per metre’ of cloth. What is the cost price of 1 metre of cloth?
A) Rs. 65   
B) Rs. 75   
C) Rs. 95 
D) Rs 85 
8. There are 7 dozen candles kept in a box. If there are 14 such boxes, how many candles are there in all the boxes together?
A) 1176   
B) 98    
C) 1216  
D) 168   
9.The sum of three numbers is 98. If the ratio of the first to second is 2 :3 and that of the second to the third is 5 : 8, then the second number is:
A)   58
B)   48
C)   30
D)   20
10.How many kilogram of sugar costing Rs. 9 per kg must be mixed with 27 kg of sugar costing Rs. 7 per kg so that there may be a gain of 10% by selling the mixture at Rs. 9.24 per kg?
A) 36 kg
B) 42 kg
C) 54 kg 
D) 63 kg

Find solutions for all the questions at the end of each set:

Set B

1.A producer of tea blends two varities of tea from two gardens one costing Rs.24 per kg  and another Rs 28 per kg in the ratio 6:2.If he sells the blended variety at Rs 30 per kg what is profit or ioss percentage?
2.6 men can do a piece work in 4 days. 8 boys can also  do the same  work in 6 days .In how many days 3 men and 6 boys together will finish the 
3.A train crosses a pole in 15s .it also crosses a platform which length is 200m in 90s.then find length of the train and its speed.
(a)620m and 45m/s
(b)520m and 36m/s
(c)450m and 60m/s
(d)540m and 36m/s
4.A box contains 4 red ball and 6 green ball.2 balls are picked random what is the probability that one of them is red and another is green
5.The diameter of the base of a right circular cylinder is 28 cm,while its length is 60 cm . find the total surface area of the cylinder.
6.what is the slope of the line perpendicular to the line passing through the points (6,5) and( 2,-3).
7.In a town, 90% of the population is literate in whichthe men and women are in the ratio of 5:4,respectively if the number of literate men is 2.5 lakh,what is the total poulation of the town?
(a)5.5 lakh
(b)4 lakh
(c)5 lakh
(d)4.5 lakh
8.The area of a rectangle is 2.25 times the area of a square . the length of the rectangle is 4 times the breadth.the side of the square is 20cm .what is the perimeter of the rectangle.
9 If 5sinX+12cosX=12.Then what is the value of(5cosX-12sinX).
10.If the differece between the compound interest and simple interest on a certain sum of money for 2 year at 25% per annum is 50 ,then the sum will be.
1. c
2. b
3. d
4. a
5. b
6. c
7. c
8. b
9. b
10. d

Find solutions for all the questions at the end of each set:

Set C

1. A dealer allows his customer a discount of 25% and still gains 25%. If the cost price of a radio is Rs. 1,440, its marked price is 
(a) Rs. 2500
(b) Rs. 2440
(c) Rs. 2400
(d) Rs. 2020
2. A dealer buys an article marked at Rs. 25,000 with successive discounts of 20% and 5%. If he spends Rs. 1,000 on its repairs and sells it for Rs. 25,000, then his gain per cent is 
(a) 20
(b) 25
(c) 30
(d) 35
3. A tradesmen, who was selling one kind of tea at Rs. 96 per kg with a loss of 20% and another kind at Rs. 140 per kg with a gain of 25%, mixes the two together in equal ratio. He sells the mixed tea at Rs. 174 per kg. His gain is 
(a) 50%
(b) 45%
(c) 30%
(d) 25%
4. When the price of a toy was increased by 20%, the number of toys sold was decreased by 15%. What was its effect on the total sales of the shop?
(a) 2% increase
(b) 2% decrease
(c) 4% decrease
(d) 4% decrease
5. A person sold a horse at a gain of 15%. Had he bought it for 25% less and sold it for Rs. 60 less, he would have made a profit of 32%. The cost price of the horse was
(a) Rs. 370
(b) Rs. 372
(c) Rs. 375
(d) Rs. 378
6. A shopkeeper wishes to give 5% commission on the marked price of an article but also wants to earn a profit of 10%. If his cost price is Rs. 95, then the marked price is
(a) Rs. 100
(b) Rs. 110
(c) Rs. 120
(d) Rs. 130
7. A shopkeeper allows a discount of 10% on the marked price of an item but charges a sales tax of 8% on the discounted price. If the customer pays Rs. 3,402 as the price including the sales tax, then the marked price is 
(a) Rs. 3,400
(b) Rs. 3,500
(c) Rs. 3,600
(d) Rs. 3,800
8. A trader buys goods at 20% discount on marked price. If he wants to make a profit of 25% after allowing a discount of 20%, by what percent should his marked price be greater than the original marked price?
(a) 15%
(b) 65%
(c) 25%
(d) 20%
9. A man bought two goats for Rs. 1500. He sold on at a loss of 20% and another at profit of 60%. If each got was sold for the same price the cost price of goat that was sold at loss was-
10. By selling an article for Rs. 600 a loss of 20% when the article is sold for Rs. 900 the gain or loss percentage is