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There are two Questions in AMCAT Automata Questions Round
  1. 1 Easy
  2. 1 Difficult
Cut off – Solve 1 completely or both with partial out put or both with complete output.
This page is divided into two Sections Easy and Difficult, make sure that you read both of them –
Name of ExamAMCAT Automata
No. of Questions2
Cut off2 Partial or 1 Full

Easy Questions

AMCAT Automata Questions and Answers

List of Most Important AMCAT Automata Programs with Answers

AMCAT Automata Round QuestionsProbability of AskingDifficultyExample QuestionCut offDifficulty Marking
Pattern70%Low-mediumPrint Trapezium PatternFull output4
Matrix40%Medium-HighNumber of times Occurrence in MatrixPartial/Full6-8
String40%MediumReverse StringPartial/Full7
Data Structures30%Medium-HighBubble SortPartial/Full8

Difficult Questions

New Questions –

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