Aspiring Minds – AMCAT Previous Years Question Paper with Answers set 2

Read the sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical error in it. The error , if any, will be in part of the sentence. The letter of that part is the answer. Ignore the error of punctuation, if any
(A)   Shalini win the race (B) as she practised too (C) hard for the tournament
1.       A
2.       B
3.       C
4.       No error

In this ques, a part of the sentence is italicised. Alternatives to the italicised part are given which may improve the construction of the sentence. Select the correct alternative.
Munnar is the most refreshing and tranquil  hill station in the state of Kerala.
1.       Is the most refreshing and tranquillity
2.       Is the most refresh and tranquil
3.       Is a most refreshing and tranquil
4.       No improvement needed

Select the correct option that fills the blank(s) to make the sentence meaningfully complete.
Scientists believe that during initial years of the ________ of the earth, water bodies increased in size due to continuous rainfall.
1.       Formative
2.       Formations
3.       Formation
4.       Formed

Select the correct option that fills the blank(s) to make the sentence meaningfully complete.
Residents of North Pole have different lifestyles and requirements than _____ living in other parts of the world.
1.       Their
2.       Them
3.       Those
4.       Residents

Read the sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical error in it. The error , if any, will be in part of the sentence. The letter of that part is the answer. Ignore the error of punctuation, if any.
(A)It have been/ (B) ages since I/(C) played the guitar/ (D) no error
1.       A
2.       B
3.       C
4.       D

Select the correct option that fills the blank(s) to make the sentence meaningfully complete.
The teacher stopped teaching Class VII as there were many ______ students in this class.
1.       Indisciplined
2.       Undisciplined
3.       Misdisciplined
4.       Nondisciplined

Select the word or phrase which best expresses the meaning of the given word.
1.       Rules
2.       Law
3.       Rights
4.       Introduction

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Select the correct option that fills the blank(s) to make the sentence meaningfully complete.
The petrol price has been rising for the past 5 years. It is highly ______ that it will decrease in the near future.
1.       Unrealistic
2.       Unlikely
3.       Unnatural
4.       Unacceptable

Select the option that is most nearly OPPOSITE in the meaning to the given word.
1.       Inferior
2.       Credited
3.       Prestigious
4.       Important

1.       Unerring
2.       Unending
3.       Settled
4.       Permanent

Select the word or phrase which is nearly opposite in meaning to the given word.
1.       Short
2.       Lack
3.       Cheap
4.       Interested

In the question each passage consists of six sentences. The first and sixth sentences are given in the beginning. The middle four sentences have been removed and jumbled up. These are labelled P, Q,R and S. Select the paper order for the four sentences.
S1: Rajeev and his friends went for river rafting.
S6: Later they all came to know that he is aqua phobic.
P: Rajeev forced him to have some medicine.
Q: They tried persuading him to join them for rafting, but he had severe stomach ache.
R: Which he refused adamantly.
S: Among all his friends, Kunal backed out at the last moment.
1.       PSQR
2.       QPRS
3.       RQSP
4.       SQPR

Select the correct answer option based on the passage.
The unique Iron Age Experimental Centre at Lejre, about 40km west of Copenhagen, serves as a museum, a classroom and a place to get away from it all. How did people live during the Iron Age? How did they support themselves? What did they eat and how did they cultivate the land? These and a myriad of other questions prodded the pioneers of the Lejre experiment.
Living in the open and working 10hours a day, volunteers from all over Scandinavia led by 30 experts, built the first village in the ancient encampment in a matter of months. The house walls were of clay, the roofs of hay – all based on original designs. Then came the second stage – getting back to the basics of living. Families were invited to stay in the “prehistoric village” for a week or two at a time and rough it Iron Age-Style.
Initially, this experiment proved none to easy for modern Danes accustomed to central heating, but it convinced the centre that there was something to the Lejre  project. Little by  Little, the modern iron Agers learnt that their huts were, after all, habitable. The problems were numerous- smoke belching out from the rough-and-ready fireplaces into the rooms and so on. These problems, however have led to some discoveries. Domed smoke ovens made of clay, for example, give out more heat and consume less fuel than an open fire, and when correctly stoked, they are practically smokeless.
By contacting other museums, the Lejre team has been able to reconstruct ancient weaving looms and pottery kilns. Iron Age dyeing techniques, using local natural vegetation, have also been revived, as have ancient baking and cooking methods.

What is the main purpose of building the Iron Age experimental center?
1.       Prehistoric village where people can stay for a week or two to get away from modern living
2.       Replicate the iron Age to get a better understanding of the time and people of that era
3.       To discover the differences between a doomed smoke oven and an open fire to identity the more efficient of the two
4.       Revive activities of ancient women such as weaving , pottery, dyeing, cooking and baking.

From the passage what can be inferred to be the centre’s initial outlook towards the Lejre project?
1.       It initiated the project
2.       It eagerly supported it
3.       It felt the project was very unique
4.       It was apprehensive about it

What is the meaning of the sentence “Initially, this experiment proved none to easy for modern Danes accustomed to central heating, but it convinced the centre that there was something to the Lejre  project.”?
1.       Even though staying  in the huts was not easy for the modern people, the centre saw merit in the simple living within huts compared to expensive apartments
2.       Staying  in the huts was quite easy for the modern people and the centre also saw merit in the sample living within huts compared to expensive apartments.
3.       The way of living of the Iron Age proved difficult for the people of the modern age who are used to living in luxury
4.       The way of living of the Iron Age proved very easy for the people of the modern age since it was hot inside the huts, and they were anyway used to heated rooms.

What can be the title of the passage?
1.       Modern techniques find their way into pre-historic villages
2.       Co-existence of ancient and modern times
3.       Glad to be living in the 21st century
4.       Turning back time
Passage :
“leave it”
Anjali could not begin to fathom what she was hearing.
Event the contractor appeared flabbergasted. His mouth stayed in a half-open position, like a guitar waiting for its strings to be tugged.
“Yes. Leave it” , varun said again. He was speaking to the notion that someone in the room had asked him to clarify his words.
What were the chances that an indian burial ground would be found on the bucolic site where varun and Anjali had chosen to build their dream home? Why in the world would varun not want to have the remains carted away, thought Anjali. The last thing they needed were indian poltergeists meandering around their home while the two of them were trying to renovate their marriage.
Anjali, usually deferential to her husband, knew that now was the time to make her position heard.
She tried to cajole varun from the direction he was heading, “sweetheart, we don’t want to build on a site with human remains, it would be irreverent to the dead”.
Immediately, she saw contempt in varun’s eyes; it was a subtle reminder of how he often viewed her as superficial and self-absorbed.
“what would be irreverent”, said varun, his voice dripping with condescension, “would be to desecrate these native graves and move them from their final resting place. Remember the culture.”
No, Anjali did not “remember the culture”. She could care less about the culture. However, varun, the history professor, was obviously enthralled by the contractor’s findings. He had an innate way of understanding other cultures and other people that amazed anajali. He did not have that goft with her.
But something inside Anjali said this was too much. She believed wholeheartedly in ghosts and could not imagine  a life of them haunting her, rattling her cupboards, and shaking her floorboards.
Anjali had an unnerving sensations that big problems were ahead.

Why cant Anjali fathom what her husband says at the beginning of the passage?
1.       She could not hear what he said
2.       She could not believe what he said
3.       She had not yet seen the remains
4.       She could not think of a retort to his comment

“She tried to cajole varun from the direction he was heading” choose the best way to rewrite the above sentence.
1.       She tried to compromise with varun
2.       She tried to force varun from the direction he was heading
3.       She tried to gently prod varun from the direction he was heading
4.       She tried to give varun veiled threats about the direction he was heading

What is the term given to the comparison of the contractor to a guitar?
1.       An allusion, meaning a figure of speech making casual reference to a literary figure
2.       An analogy, meaning an extended comparison showing the similarities between two things
3.       A denotation, meaning the literal definition of a word
4.       A hyperbole, meaning a gross exaggeration

Since the late 1970s when the technology of sex determination first came into being, sex selective abortion has unleashed a saga of horror. Experts are calling it “sanitised barbarism”. Demographic trends indicate the country is fast heading towards a million female foetuses aborted each year.
Although foetal sex determination and sex selection is a criminal offence in India, the practice is rampant. Private clinics with ultrasound machines are doing brisk business. Everywhere , people are playing to know the sex of an unborn child. And paying more to abort the female child. The technology has even reached remote areas through mobile clinics. Dr. Puneet Bedi, obstetrician and specialist in foetal medicine , says these days he hardly sees a family with two daughters. People are getting sex determination done even for the first child, he says.
If the 1991 Census showed that two districts had a child sex ratio (number of girls per thousand boys) less that 850; by 2001 it was 51 districts. Child rights activist Dr. Sabu George says foeticide is the most extreme form of violence against women. “today a girl is several times more likely to be eliminated before a birth than die of various causes in the first year. Nature intended the womb to be safe space. Today, doctors have made it the most unsafe space for the female child”, he says. He believes that doctors must be held responsible- “they have aggressively promoted the misuse of technology and legitimised foeticide”.

Which of the following will Dr. George agree to?
1.       The girl child is as safe in the mother’s womb as after birth
2.       The girl child is safe in the mother’s womb in comparison to after birth
3.       The girl child is safer after birth as compared to mother’s womb
4.       None of these

What si the solution to the problem of female foeticide as envisioned by Dr. Bedi?
1.       Effective use of law
2.       Mass public outrage
3.       Comparison with Nithari killing
4.       Contempt towards doctors

What is the tone of the passage?
1.       Factual
2.       Biased
3.       Aggressive
4.       Sad

What is Akhila Sivadas’s opinion on the PCPNDT act?
1. The act is inconsistent
2. The act needs reform
3. The act encourages demand for foeticide
4. The act is sound, but needs enforcement

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Quantitative Ability:
Choose the correct option

Suparna needs to browse through 75pages of a novel before she gives her review to the class. She has 2.5 hrs before the lecture. What should be her reading speed in pages/hour?
1.       16
2.       30
3.       20
4.       22

The value of log100.1 is :
1.       0
2.       -1
3.       -10
4.       -100

A written exam consists of 6 questions with the answer options as yes/no/none. In how many ways can the examinees select the answers
1.       6 ways
2.       6 ways
4.       (36

What is the sum of the  two consecutive numbers, the difference of whose squares is 19?
                1. 9
                2. 10
                3. 18
                4. 19

P is an integer. P>883. If (p-7) is a multiple of 11, then the largest number that will divide (p+4) (p+15) is :
1.       11
2.       121
3.       242
4.       None of the above

Find the least number which when divided by 5, 7 and 13 leaves the same remainder 3 in each case
1.       398
2.       453
3.       458
4.       463

Which number should be subtracted from 321 so that it becomes prime?
1.       2
2.       4
3.       6
4.       9

28X22 =
1.       410
2.       210
3.       216
4.       416

What will be the value of the expression a8/3  *  a-6/9  ?
1.       a-2
2.    a-1
3.    a0
4.    a1
5.    a2

What is the square root of 576/9?
1.    4
2.    8
3.    12
4.    16

Which number is the fourth power of 7?
                1. 2401
                2. 2421
                3. 2601
                4. 2621

HCF of two numbers is 11 and their LCM is 693. If one number is 77, find the other number?
1. 7
2. 9
3. 63
4. 99

Recycling 900 kg of paper saves 17 trees . How many trees are saved when 1200 kg of paper are recycled?
1. 19
2. 25
3. 20
4. 22

How many different four letter words can be formed ( the words need not to be meaningful ) using the letters of the word PACIFIC such that the first letter is p and the last letter is F?
1. 8
2. 3
3. 6
4. 7!/5!

Mauli purchased a designer saree from Mumbai at 8/9th of its MRP. When she came back to Delhi, her neighbour coaxed mauli to sell the saree to her. She was even ready to pay 9% more than its MRP. What would Mauli’s gain percentage be, if she decides to sell the saree to her neighbour?
1. 15.59%
2. 16.61%
3. 20.36%
4. 22.65%

A goods carriage of length 2km, headed to Srinagar from Punjab was running at a speed of 30 km/hr. It crosses a tunnel which is 58 km long with that speed. Find the time taken by the goods carriage to cross the tunnel?
1. 4 hours
2. 3 hours
3. 2 hours
4. 1 hour

A lucky draw is organized as part of the first anniversary celebration of new Age Company. There are 25 chits in a bowl one for each employee and the chits are marked from 1-25. Sarika and Rajesh have chits marked with numbers that are multiples of 3 or 7. They want to know if there are chances of them being awarded the trip to Goa which is the first prize of the lucky draw. When one chit is drawn at random, what is the probability that the chit has a number which is a multiple of 3 or 7?
1. 3/25
2. 2/11
3. 11/25
4. 10/25

What is the loss percentage incurred by a company when it buys an asset for Rs. 1,50,000 and sells it for Rs. 75,500?
1. 49.67%
2. 49.34%
3. 98.68%
4. 98.34%

If Ruparno is expected to spend Rs. 2,300 on electricity bill in the first 3 months of the year, what amount can he be expected to spend on electricity bill for the rest of the year?
1. Rs. 5,400
2. Rs. 5,700
3. Rs. 6,200
4. Rs. 6,900

Out of every 100 people in police department, 10 are women. Out of every 100 people in military forces, 3 are women. In a batch of 180 police personnel and 200 army personnel, how many of them would be women?
1. 24
2. 30
3. 18
4. 6

Probability of one of the power plants over heating is 0.15 per day and the probability of failure of the backup cooling system is 0.11. if these events are independent, what is the probability of ‘big trouble’ (i.e., both evnets taking place)?
1. 0.35
2. 0.0185
3. 0.0165
4. 0.26

There are 5 clients and 5 consultants in a round table meeting. In how many ways can the clients be seated such that no consultant is next to the other consultant?
1. 5!6!
2. 4! 4!
3. 4! 5!
4. 9!
5. 10 5! 4!

The question consists of two statements- A and B. find out if the information given in the statement(s) is sufficient to find the solution to the problem.
A: Probability of finding a Red marble is the same as that of a Green marble but is double that of finding a Yellow marble.
B: There are 6 Green marbles in the jar.
1. if the question can be answered by using statement A alone but not by using B alone
2. if the question can be answered by using statement B alone but not by using A alone
3. if the question can be answered by using either statements alone
4. if the question can be answered by using both the statements together but not by either statement alone
Evaluate : log53176

1. 2 log517
2. log517
3. log51718
4. 0.5 log175
5. 2 log12517

If a=5 and b=4 then, what is the value of lof(a-b)(a2-b2-2b)?
1. -1
2. 0
3. 1
4. undefined

Pick the odd man out.

3, 15, 35, 63….
1. 101
2. 121
3. 99
4. 98
Based on the given passage find out which of the following statements can be inferred from the passage.
According to  a recent study, in the local municipal elections, the candidate who interacts more with the Resident’s Welfare                Associations and wins their trust will get the maximum name recognition name in the elections.
1. local resident’s welfare associations are the most important factor in elections in the city
2. Maximum name recognition will help a candidate will help a candidate win a higher percentage of votes cast during the election
3. Resident’s welfare associations exert a a lot of influence over the voting population residing in the city.
4. For maximum name recognition a candidate need not spend a lot of money on posters, banners and advertising campaigns.

Decode the word(s) / pattern given in the question
If TENNIS is coded as UDOMJR, then CRICKET is coded as:

Choose the right answer
Pick the odd man out
1. STV
2. XYA
3. KKT
4. BDE

Find the next number in the series.
18, 19, 21, 24, …..
1. 26
2. 25
3. 27
4. 28

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