Aspiring Minds – AMCAT Previous Years Question Paper with Answers set 4

 Q1. A 8-bit signed integer has the following range:
a. 0 to 255
b. -128 to 127
c. -255 to 254
d. 0 to 509
signed integer ranges from negative to positive value and from around 127 range2)all the history books belonging to the mughal period have been.——–from sanskrit to english.

ans:c translated



Ques 4 : Choose the correct answer
A 10-bit unsigned integer has the following range:
Option 1 : 0 to 1000
Option 2 : 0 to 1024
Option 3 : 1 to 1025
Option 4 : 0 to 1023

ans:using formula unsigned no range: 0 to 2^n-1

5)What is the smallest four-digit number which when divided by 6, leaves a remainder of 5 and when
divided by 5 leaves a remainder of 3?
Option 1 : 1043
Option 2 : 1073
Option 3 : 1103
Option 4 : None of these

Answer is None of these because all options satisfy the given conditionss

Que6: Choose the correct answer
Srishti writes a program to find an element in the array A[5] with the following elements in order: 8 30 40 45 70. She runs the program to find a number X. X is found in the first iteration of binary search. What is the value of X?
a) 40
b) 8
c) 70
d) 30

ans is a 40 , because binary searches from the centre

7)A book store offers a discount of 10% on all books sold plus an additional discount of 5% on initial bill if initial bill is more than or equal to 1000 dilshan bought 3 books worth of 520,450 and 250 now how much money did dilshan save from the discount given by book store?

ans:2) 176.9
Total amount 1220
additional disc= 5% of 1098=54.9
Total Disc=122+54.9=176.9

Ques8. 256 : 4086 :: ?
Op 1: 225 : 3365
Op 2: 144 : 3032
Op 3: 132 : 3012
Op 4: 160 : 3600
Op 5:
Correct Op : 1
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9)please remember all the words becoz amcat always repeat synonym and antonym…
4. Engendered
11.set off
12. gruesome

5.experienced,old time
11.compensate, redeem
12.horrible, awful

Since every digit of the number sums upto 9

(i)Tom,Joy and John are honest .
(ii)Tom , jack and michel are ambitious.
(iii) michel and joy are hardwork
(iv)joy jack and john are intelligent.

a)neither hardwork nor intelligent.

B)one of the following person neither honest nor intelligent but is ambitious.
option: jack, tom, michel,john,jack

c)who are not hardworking?
option:joy,michel,none,cannot determine.

d)Which one of the following person is having any three qualities?


a) Tom

12). Tushar was studying about the network topology of his company. He asked one of his colleagues to guess the right topology on the following clues: 1. The topology used is point to point configured. 2. The topology provides fault isolation property. 3. If one link becomes unusable, then whole system is not incapacitated

Its Mesh Topology…
13)A bag contains 10-paisa, 20-paisa and 25-paisa coins in the ratio 7:4:3. If the total value is Rs. 90, the number of 25-paisa coins in the bag is:

10p 20p 25p
7 4 3

7*10+4*20+3*25=225paise == 2.25rs



14)Which of the following options will help in implementing the structure of a telephone answering system where the calls are answered in the order they are received in i.e. the call that has waited the longest is provided with highest prioroty?

1. Binary Trees
2. Heaps
3. m-way Trees
4. Binary Search Tree

Answer is Heaps because heap datastructure is a priority queue which gives importance to priority


1. Explosion
4.None of these


16)Consider this Pseudo-code
class rocket
integer height,wight;
public; //statement 1
function input(int a,int b)
function main()
rocket rocket1,rocket2;

1.rocket is a class with rocket1,rocket2 as it objects and
height and weight are as it attributes.
2.rocket is a class with rocket1,rocket2 as it attribute and
height and weight are as it objects.
3.rocket is a class with rocket1,rocket2,
height and weight are as it attributes.
4.rocket is a class with rocket1,rocket2,
height and weight are as it objects.

optn 1: as rocket is class name and height ,weight are attributes and rocket1 AND rcoket2 are refference variable..and that can be treated as obj.

17)A number divided by 5 gives a remainder 2.square of the same number divided by 25 to give remainder 5.what is the square number?


18)A number divided by 5 gives a remainder 2.

5 = Divisor*Quotient+2———-1

Square if same number divided by 25 gives a remainder 5.

25 = (Divisor)^2 * Quotient + 5————2

Solve 1 and 2 we get
Quotient = 9/20, Divisor= 20/3

19)a,b,c,d are playing a game of cards together. a and b are partner.c is sitting with his back towards north.a is sitting with his back towards east.who amongst the following sitting in north position

The answer is D
As a and b are partners they are facing eachother that is a is facing in West direction while b in East direction but c is facing in South so d is facing in North.

20)A)Guilt and Self pleasure are B)two most strong drivers C)of any human act

a ) bcz guilt & self pleasure refer to same thing so verb will be singular eg – bread and butter is my favourite breakfast

21)A is the only son of P.P is B mothers mother in law.How is A related to B?
option: father,brother,uncle,sister

p is the grand mother of B and A is the only son of p means A is the father of B

22)Q. What is the value of log(a+b)/c+log c/a.when it is given that ‘b’ is four times the value of ‘a’.
a) log 2
b) log 3
c) log 4
d) log 5
e) log 10

log(a+b)/c+log c/a
=log[(a+b)/c *c/a]
=log(1+ b/a)
=log(1+4) [given, b=4a => b/a=4]

d)log 5

Que23): Choose the correct answer
A queue is implemented by a linear array of size 10 (and not as a circularly connected array). Front and Rear are represented as an index in the array. To add an element, the rear index is incremented and the element is added. To delete an element, the front index is incremented. The following operations are done on an empty queue.
After this set of operations, what is the maximum capacity of the queue?
a) 6
b) 7
c) 10
d) None of these
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when queue is empty:
front = 0 ; rear =-1
add 1 => front = 0; rear = 0
del => front = 1; rear = 0
add 2 => front = 1; rear = 1
add 3 => front = 1; rear = 2
add 4 => front = 1; rear = 3
del => front = 2; rear = 3
del => front = 3; rear =3
now, array size = 9-3=6
thus, option a) is correct answer

24)A and B start together from the same point on a circular track and walk in the same direction till they both again arrive together at the starting point. A completes one circle in 224 s and B in 364 s. How many times will A have passed B?

13 times
LCM of 224,364=2912
so, A does 13 circles while B does 8 in 2912s.
Thus A crosses B 13 times.

25)Films are becoming a medium of cultural contacts, good relations and _______ among different countries.

1. Wars
2. Love
3. Harmony
4. Comformity

harmony as it is about strengthening relations among different countries

26) 4, 6, 8, 10, ____
Op 1: 11
Op 2: 12
Op 3: 13
Op 4: 14
Op 5:
Correct Op : 2

27)If (a4 – 2a2b2 + b4)x-1 = (a-b)2x (a+b)-2, then x equals to:

Taking log on both sides,
Cancelling 2 on both sides,and expanding log(a2-b2) into log [(a+b)(a-b)]=>log(a+b)+log(a-b),

28)There are 4green,2purple,1orange and 5 yellow marble in pouch.samir chooses one marble at random,records it color and replaces it.He repeats this process 25 times.which color did samir probably chooses the greatest number of times?
option:green ,orange,purple,yellow

answer is because probability of yellow greater all of the other marbles

29)His recent success_____him more arrogant than what he used to be.

1. make
2. have make him
3. has made
4. was making

has made option:C


1. Specifically
2. Individually
4. Hardly


31)9,3,6,18,36, .. next no of series


(9,3) (6,18) (36,12)




32)There are 5 letters and five addressed envelops. the number of ways in which all the letters can be put in wrong envelops is

N!( 1- 1/1! + 1/2! – 1/3! +………………+(-1)n 1/n!

33)A bag contain orange flavoured candies only .Malini takes out candy without looking into the bag.What is the probability that she takes out an orange flavoured candy?

bag contain orange flavoured candies only so ans =1

Q34) D18H : G27k :: R60V : …
a) U111Y
b) U69Y
c) J69Y
d) J111Y
ans is b.

because (D+3)means(4+3)=G(7)
18+9=27 ,
and (H+3) means (8+3)=K(11) ==> G27K

so that’s why
(R+3)means (18+3)=21(U)
(60+9)= 69
(v+3) means (22+3)=25(Y)

so ans is U69Y
2015 & 2016 Batch Freshers Registration Link35)Rajeev multiplies a number by 10, the log (to base 10) of this number will change in what way?

let no is X ,now no is 10X, then log10(10X)=log10(10)+log10(x)=1+log10(X)

36)Each bucket in a hash table is the head of
a. Heap
b. Stack
c. Array
d. Queue
f. Linked List

f.Linked List

Each bucket in the hash table is the head of a linked list.

Que37: Choose the correct answer
A queue is implemented as a (singly linked) linked-list for easy addition and deletion of elements. Each node has an element and pointer to another node. Which node will point to empty/no location?
a) Front
b) Rear
c) Both
d) None of these
Here we talk about single linked list…
and insertion done from rear and deletion is done from front and front always point to its previous node but the rear node noly point to null location.

Answer is 2: Rear

38)solve log(base 16)64-log(base 64)16 ???????
log(base 16)64 = log(base 10)64/log(base 10)16 = log(base 2)64/log(base 2)16
= 6/4
log(base 64)16 = log(base 10)16/log(base 10)64 = log(base 2)16/log(base 2)64

So final ans is = 3/2 – 2/3 = 5/6

39)For the given list of numbers, how many swaps will take place in bubble sort so that the list becomes sorted.(Ascending order).
List: 23, 56, 78, 53, 11, 65.

1. 4
2. 5
3. 6
4. 7

option 4. 7
1. 23,56,53,78,11,65
2. 23,56,53,11,78,65 //1-3 1st iteration
3. 23,56,53,11,65,78

4.23,53,56,11,65,78 //4-5 2nd iteration

6.23,11,53,56,65,78 //3rd iteration
7.11,23,53,56,65,78 //4th iteration

40)How does inheritance relate to abstraction?

1. A base class is an abstraction of all its derived classes.
2. A derived class is an abstraction of all its base classes.
3. Base and derived classes are abstractions for each other.
4. Inheritance prevents abstraction

41)A = 1^1 * 2^2 * 3^3 * 4^4 * 5^5 * ……..10^10. How many zeroes will be there at the end of A ?
{ 2^5*5^5 = (2*5)*(2*5)*(2*5)*(2*5)*(2*5)=10*10*10*10*10 = 10^5)
thats not 2^5 given in questn its 2^2
hence 10^10== 10 zeros
take two 2’s, three 4’s (or) four 4’s, one 2 to multiply with 5 gives
5*2,5*2,5*4,5*4,5*4(hence 5*4 produces one zero)
there are 5 zeros here plus
10^10 gives us 10
so a total of 15 zeros

42)a manufacturing plant produces a batch of 10 containers out of which 4 are a quality inspection test,3 containers are choosen at random.what is the probability that atleast one whould be defective
1)0.25 2)3/19 3)0.784 4)3/4

Probability for none is defective = 6C3/10C3
Probability for at least one defective=1-(6C3/10C3) =5/6
correct ans is 5/6.

43)Ratio between speed of two trains is 5:3.first train runs 350km in 2hrs..then the speed of second train is??

if ratio of speed is 5:3 then assume that speed is 5x and 3x
and distance covered by first train is 350 km and time is 2hour
350/5x = 2, so x is 35 after calculation then by the value of x the speed of second train is 105km/h.

44)Recursive function are executed in a
(1) Last in fIrst out order
(2) First in fIrst out order
(3) Parallel fashion
(4) All of the above

Recursive functions uses System Stack which is typically Last-In-First-Out (LIFO) data structure. Hence the last recursive call return the control and/or value first.
Ans: (1) Last In First Out order

45)If log52 – log5x = 4, what is the value of X?
a. 2/625
b. 1/250
c. 2/125
d. 4/25
log5 (2) – log5 (x) =4
log5 (2/x) =4
625 = 2/x

46)Ques. 7:11::31: ?
Op 1: 33
Op 2: 37
Op 3: 39
Op 4: 42
Op 5:
Correct Op : 2

47)Ques. 3, 12, 48, 192, 768, _____
Op 1: 2868
Op 2: 2968
Op 3: 3072
Op 4: 3176
Op 5:
Correct Op : 3

48)in how many ways can 13 chairs divided among two conference halls in groups of 5 and 8 chairs respectively.
3)13p5 8p5/13!

49)A bread machine can make 50kg dough in many such machines are required to make bread of 30 kg dough in 6 min?

Q. If 2505/0.5 = 5010, then 25.05/0.5 = ?
so 25.05*2=50.1
answer 50.1

50)In a class of 50 student ,the average age of girl is 12.3yrs and that of the boy is 12.5yrs. if the average age of the calss is 12.42yrs then the no of boys and girls respectively in class b are
option:(25,25) , (20,30), (30,20) , (35,15),(40,10)

let number of girls=x
then number of boys=50-x
on solving x=20 =girls

51)Which of the following sorting methods is stable?

1. Straight Insertion Sort
2. Binary Insertion Sort
3. Shell Sort
4. Heap Sort

straight Insertion Sort is stable
option 1

make the word of 4 alphabets each contains a,b,c,d(in any sequence)
so acbd
so c) is right addddb

ans:5 3 2 1 4


55)Choose the answer option that arranges the given set of words in meaningful order
increasing order
that is 13245

56)From a pack of 52 cards, if 2 cards are selected one after the other without replacement, then what is the probability that the 1st card is a queen and the 2nd card is a heart.

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57)In which no system (242+444) divisible by 10
a) hexa system
b) decimal sysytem
c) octal system
d) penta sytem
in hexadecimal
6*16^2+8*16^1+6*16^0=1536+128+6=1670 which is divisible by 10
hence option a) is correct

58)if the selling price of a watch is halved,the profit becomes quarted then find the profit percentage of watch.1)50 2)66.673)100 4)200
let selling price =100
and profit at 100 is x rupees
if sp=50
profit becomes x/4
therefore 3x/4=50 implies x=66.66
total profit=66.66rupees
now 100=cp+profit
hence rofit=(sp-cp)/cp*100

Que59): Choose the correct answer
Reshama is debugging a piece of code which takes several iterations of modifying and executing code, while

Mohammad has to deliver a product to the customer, which the customer will run multiple times. Reshama wants her

debug cycle to take minimum possible time, while Mohammad wants that his products run time is minimum. What tools

should Reshama and Mohammad respectively use on their code?

Option 1 : Compiler, Interpreter
Option 2 : Interpreter, Compiler
Option 3 : Compiler, Compiler
Option 4 : Interpreter, Interpreter


60)Skeptics argue the flying saucers and UFOS that are beleived to be guided by extraterristial begins or aliens are creation of human imagination.They have demonstrated that number of photo that apperently show flying saucer are either phony (or) are mis interpreted image of earthly or natural object such as aeroplane or metors.How ever there are scientist who have also contributed plenty of evidence and arrested that aliens do exist.
a)Lack of crediability of photo evidence should be taken as proof of non existence of aliens.
b)While the existence of flying saucer and UFOS has been denied ,the possibility of alien being still a reality
c)UFOS and flying saucers ,its a reality are of same shape and size of a alien and ufos.
d)The fact that a number of photo of flying saucers are fake cannot disapprove the existence of alien and UFOS
D) The fact that a number of photo of flying saucers are fake cannot disapprove the existence of alien and UFOS
Since Scientists even after knowing the fact that photo of flying soccers are fake, believe that they exists

61)synonym of musty
antonym of ignite
musty synonym damp or mouldy
ignite antonym is extinguish

62)whats is value of (10101) in decimal number system?

63) Choose the correct answer
Shravanti writes the following program:

integer i = 0, j
while ( i < 2 )
j = 0;
while ( j <= 3*i )
print j
print blank space
j = j + 3
print end-of-line takes the cursor to the next line
i = i + 1

What will be the output of the program?

Option 1 :
0 3
Option 2 :
0 3
0 3 6
Option 3 :
0 3 6
0 3 6 9
Option 4 :
0 3 6
0 3 6 9
0 3 6 9 12

option 1

1. i=0;
2. check( i < 2 ) yes then enter to the while loop
3. j=0
4. check ( j < 3*0 ) yes then enter to the loop
5. print 0
6. j= 0+3 ,inner loop ends
7. again check ( j < 3*0) no then out of inner loop and proceed to next statement
8.end of line
9. i=i+1
10. repeat from 2-9 it will print 0 3


a. liquid : pint b. weight : scale
c. ton : iron d. well : water
As mile is a measurement of distance so in the same way
pint is the measurement of liquid

65)Malini solved the following question i n her mathematics examination (6/4+5 1/6 of 3/7)/(5+2 1/3) and her answer was 38/77 . By how much was her answer wrong?
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6/4+(31/6 * 3/7) = 104/28
5 + 7/3 = 22/3
104/28 / 22/3 = 39/77
39/77 – 38/77 = 1/77

66)Based on the following passage find out which of the statement can be inferred from the passage.
The world production of sugar has been reported to be very scarce as compared to the global scales of four years. The demand for sugar is extremely high but the supply has been low for quite some time now. This could be because some chief sugar growers have switched to high – priced
jute. The price of sugar has soared in response to the phenomena of the demand supply disparity.The price of sugar now equals that of jute.
a. Sugar production is profitable only when the price of sugar is as high as that, that of jute
b. The sugar growers who had shifted to the higher price jute, will now move to producing sugar
c. Demand for jute was higher than the demand for sugar, which made sugar growers shift their production
d. If there continues to be a shortfall in the production of sugar, the price of sugar may even exceed that of jute

67)If ax = by, then: a) log(a/b) = x/y b) log(a) / log(b) = x/y c) log(a) / log(b) = y/x d) None of these
log ax=log by
log a+ log x= log b+ log y
log a- log b= log y- log x
ans: a/b= y/x

ans : None of the above

69)What will be the output of the following pseudo-code statements: integer a = 984, b, c, d =10 print remainder(a,d) // remainder when a is divided by d a = a/d print remainder(a,d) // remainder when a is divided by d Option 1 : 48 Option 2 : Error Option 3 : 84 Option 4 : 44

70)For operators with equal precedence, the precedence is from left-to-right in expression. integer a = 40, b = 35, c = 20, d = 10 Comment about the output of the following two statements: print a * b / c – d print a * b / (c – d) Option 1 : Differ by 80 Option 2 : Same Option 3 : Differ by 50 Option 4 : Differ by 160
a*b/c-d a*b/(c-d)
* priority comes 1st—->a*b =1400 () priority comes 1st—> c-d=10
/ priority comes next—–>1400/c= 70 * priority comes next a*b—> 1400
– priority comes last—–> 70-d=60 / priority comes last—–>a*b/(c-d)—>140

Ans: Differ By 80

71)In S.E creates a lan game there are 8 didgit code made up of 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 has to be decided on,as a universal many options does he have if each no has to be used and no number can be reapeted???
a) 8p8
b) 8c8
c) 8p8 – 8
d) 8* 8c1

we have to arrange 8 nums in different ways such that no num can be repeated..
consider there are 8 places..
to fill 1st place we have 8 chances
2nd place==> 7 chances(bcoz one digit is already placed in 1st place and repetition is not allowed)
similarly…. 3rd place==> 6 chances
4th place==> 5 chances
so on….
*r****equired no.of ways=8*7*6*5*4*3*2*1= 8!=8p8

72)What is unit digit of following 1+2^2+3^3+4^4+5^5+6^6 sum???
ans is 4)9
1 unit digit=1
2^2 unit digit=4
3^3 unit digit=7
4^4 unit digit=6
5^5 unit digit=5
6^6 unit digit=6
so the sum
1+4+7+6+5+6=29 where unit digit is 9

73)A)Shalini win the race b)as she practiced too hard c)for the tournament
a error
b error
c error
no error
a)Shalini won the race

74)It is preposterous on your part to look for a job without first completing your education.
a. Wise b. Imperative c. Advisable d. Most admirable e. Very absurd

option e
preposterous means absurd

75)Ques. Select the word or phrase which fits each definition. : A person who readily believes others.
Op 1: Creditable
Op 2: Credible
Op 3: Credulous
Op 4: Sensitive
Op 5: Sensible
Correct Op : 3

76)Ques. Select the word or phrase which best expresses the meaning of the given word. : VORACIOUS
Op 1: Wild
Op 2: Hungry
Op 3: Angry
Op 4: Quick
Op 5:
Correct Op : 2

77)Q. Directions: In the following question a part of the sentence is underlined. Beneath each sentence there are four ways of phrasing the underlined part. Choose the answer that expresses most effectively what is presented in the original sentence. The boss was very displeased for my conduct.

(1) on my conduct
(2) to my conduct
(3) at my conduct
(4) in my conduct

At my conduct

78)My accountant advised me that one of the best way to _____ paying taxes was to set up an offshore bank account.

a get away with
b get by with
c get down to
d get around

a is the answer

79)i______ just one proper meal since yesterday morning.

a had
b ate
c have had
d would have eaten
c) have had
“Have had” is using the verb have in the present perfect tense.

I have had a lot of homework this week.
If I say “have had”, I connect the event to the present, so it is possible that I might have more homework

80)How many 3 digit numbers can be formed from the digits 2, 3, 5, 6, 7 and 9, which are divisible by 5 and none of the digits is repeated ?

the last digit is fixed which is 5.
remaining two digit is from 2,3,6,7,9
so 5p2=584=20.

81)If logx (0.1) = -1/3, then the value of x is: a) 10 b) 100 c) 1000 d) 1/1000

ie x=1000

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