Cocubes Questions Quants from Previous Year Questions 6

103. W and Z throw one dice for a stake of Rs.40, which is to be won by the player who first throws a one. The game ends when the stake is won by W or  Z if W has the first throw, what are the chances that the stake is won by Z?
a.5/11   b.1/2                     c.1/3                      d.5/12

                             Adminstrator-signed Rules by Regulatory Stages,2005-2010

104. What is the average of NPRM, Direct Final, and Final rules in 2008?
a.52.33    b.45.33      c.54.33    d.40.33
Ans: 45.33
105. What is the ratio of 2006 NPRM to 2005 Final Rules?
a.none of the mentioned options       b.79:41    c.71:49    d.49:71
Ans: 71.49
106. what is the average of 2005,2008 and 2010 for all stages?
a.38.33     b.39.46    c.52.57    d.none of the mentioned options

107. Six different objects were divided among 4 people. In how many ways it can be done, if there is no restriction on minimum number of objects that each person can get?
a.23    b.72    c.64    d.84
Ans: (6+4-1)c (4-1) = 9C3 = 84

108. A Rectangular hall 12m long and 10m broad is surrounded by a verandah, 2m wide. Find the area of the verandah.     a. 105m2     b. 104m2      c. 89m2      d. 123m2

Ans: Similar to 78 :      (16*14) – (10*12) = 104

109. Two circular cylinders of equal volume have heights in the ratio of 1:2. Ratio of their radii is:
a. 1.414:1            b. None of the mentioned Options     c.1.69:1    d.1.732:1
Ans: 1.414 : 1

110. If s(s+s1+s2)=9,s1(s+s1+s2)=16 and s2(s+s1+s2)= 144, then the what is the value of “s”?
a.7/11     b.1/11    c.11/13    d.9/13
Ans: Let s+s1+s2 =x;
Then s(x)=9  –(1)
S1(x)=16  — (2)
S2(x)=144 –(3)
Add above three equations s(x)+S1(x)+S2(x)=9+16+144
x(s+s1+s2 ) = 169
substitute x value in equation(1) so s=9/13

111. Atul sold two mobiles for Rs.9900 each. At one mobile, he gained 10% and on other he lost 10%. Find his gain or loss in transaction.        a.Loss 1%      b.Neither loss Nor gain     c.Gain 1%     d.none of the mentioned options
Ans:  When a person sells two similar items, one at a gain of say x%, and the other at a loss of x%, then the seller always incurs a loss given by:
Loss % = X*X/100
Ans: Loss 1%

112. three pipes can fill the tank in 18 hours. One of the pipes can fill it in 18 hrs and the other pipe can empty in 9 hours. At what rate does the third pipe work?
a.       Waste pipe emptying the tank in 18 hours       b. Filling the tank in 9 hours
c. Filling the tank in  18 hours          d. Waste pipe emptying the tank in 9 hours
1/18 = 1/18 – 1/9 +x
Ans:  Filling the tank in 9 hours

113. A rectangular grassy plot is 112m by 78m.It has a gravel path 2.5m wide all around it on the inside. Find the cost of constructing it at Rs. 2 per m2.

a.       Rs. 2,300    b.  Rs. 1,567     c. Rs. 1,850     d. Rs. 2,355
   Similar 78.

   This question is very very important

Area of the path = (112*78) – (73 * 107) = 925m2
Cost= 925 *2 = 1850

114.  A man spend Rs. 660 on tablets and chairs, the price of each table being Rs.150, and the price of each chair being Rs.20. If he buys the maximum number of tables, what is the ratio of chairs to tables purchased?
a.       3:4     b. 2:3    c. 2:5   d. 3:5
4 tables + 3 chairs =660
Chairs to tables ratio is 3:4

115. A Shopkeeper allow a discount of 20% on the marked price but charges 5% sales tax on the marked price and 5% service tax on the discounted price. If the customer pays Rs. 2670 as price including tax, then what is marked price of the item?
let  x be the marked price
x – 20% of x + 5% of sales tax + 5% of (x – 20% of x) = 2670

116. There are 4 boys and 3 girls. They sit in a row randomly what is the probability that all girls are together?
A. 1/14                  B. 3/14                  C. 2/14                  D. 5/14
see solution for 76 ( ans : 2/14)
117. The simple interest on Rs.4,500 for 4 years at 15% p.a. is:
A. Rs. 2700          B. Rs. 2500           C. Rs. 2300           D. 3000
Ans: 2700
118. A rectangular grassy plot is 112 m by 78 m. It has a gravel path 2.5m wide all round it on the inside. Find the area of the path   A. 925 m2 B. 926 m2             C. 912 m2             D. 950 m2
Ans: 78  (Ans:  925)

119. A cone o height 21cm has a volume of 2200 cm3.Determine the base radius of the cone.
A. 2.5 cm              B. 10 cm               C. 7.5 cm              D. 5 cm
1/3 * Pi * r2 * h = 2200

120. 3 individuals John Wright, Greg Chappell and Gary Kristen are in the race for the appointment of new coach of team India. The probabilities of their appointment are 0.5, 0.3, 0.2 respectively.If John Wright is appointed then probability of Ganguly appointed as a captain will be 0.7 and the corresponding probability if Greg Chappell or Gary Kristen is appointed are 0.6 or 0.5 respectively. Find the overall probability that Ganguly will be appointed as a captain?     A. 0.18                        B. 0.35                        C. 0.63                   D. 0.89

Ans: 0.5 * 0.7 + 0.3 * 0.6 + 0.2 * 0.5 = 0.63

121. Study the following data carefully and answer the question that follows.
A%B = (A+B)2
A#B = (A2-B2)
A?B = (A-B)2
Question: Find the value of 5?(6%2)

A. -3481                B. 59                      C. 3481                  D. -59

123. what is the difference in revenue earned by stumps in two years?
A . 12 lakhs     B . 14 lakhs      c. 16 lakhs    d. 10 lakhs

124. the revenue earned by pads in the year 2013 is what percent of the revenue earned by gloves in the year 2014?
A. 58%      B. 83%     c.43.3%     D.72.2%

125. what is the difference between the revenue earned by pads in 2014 qnd revenue earned by balls in 2013?
A.3 lakhs      B. 7 lakhs     C. 5 lakhs    D. 1 lakh

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