Aspiring Minds – AMCAT Previous Years Question Paper with Answers set 1 Part 2

– Asked in AMCAT for Campus Placement by Flipkart

(1) puzzle (2) orthodox
(3) sink (4) gratitude
puzzle is synonym of confuse
What is the greatest positive power of 5 that divides 30! exactly?
ans :7
step 1: 30/5 = 6
step 2: 30/25 = 1
step 3 : 6+1 =7
if (7^4+a)*5^b=1725 then what is the value of ab=?
hence, b=2
putting value of b, we get a=-2332
ab= -2332*2 = -4664

Ques. The value of 21/2 upto three places of decimal is
if an integer k is divisible by 2,5 and 13, what is the next largest number that is divisible by all the three given numbers ?
Let k=130 bcz it is divisible by 2,5 & 13
Nxt largest no will be 260 i.e (k+130) which is divided by k=130
hence ans will be (e) k+130
log(p+q)(p-q) = -1…log(p+q)log(p^2-q^2) = ?
option: a)2 b)1 c) -1 d) 0
log p^2/ log q^2=-1
log p/ log q=-1
Again log (p+q)(p-q)=-1
log(p+q) -1 =-1
So log(p+q)log(p^2-q^2)=0
Ans: d) 0

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Ques. A train runs at a speed of 42 m/s and takes 35 seconds to pass a tunnel . After travelling some distance it takes 15 seconds to pass a pole . What is the length of the tunnel?
Total distance travel =42*35=1470
Now length of the train=42*15=630
So length of the tunnel=1470-630=840m
so option c is correct

The labour union decided to go on strike since the management was adamant and did not agree to their terms .The discussion came to ———-
impasse-it means not in progress

Ques. Introducing Sarita, Meena, said, “She is the only daughter of my father’s only daughter”. How is Meena related to Sarita?
Op 1: Niece
Op 2: Cousin
Op 3: Aunt
Op 4: None of these
Op 5:
Correct Op : 4
op4 none of these as Meena is Sarita’s mother.

Ques. A content manager is working on an excel sheet . She has 6 columns in the sheet A,B,C,D,E and F. She has to check that no two columns should have the same entry . She can check only 2 columns at a time . How many times will she have to repeat the comparing process to complete process for the whole file?
6c2 = 15 ans

Ques. Three successive discounts of 6%,10%,15% is equal to a single discount of
a 25%
b 28.90%
c 30%
d 31%
e 28.09%
6 % of 100 = 6 , 100-6=94
10% of 94 = 9.4, 94-9.4=84.6
15% of 84.6 = 12.69, 84.6-12.69 = 71.91

Ques. Altaf writes a piece of code where a set of three lines occur around 10 times in a different parts of your program. What programming concept can he use to shorten program code length?
a) use for loops
b) use functions
c) use arrays
d)use classes
To shorten program code length, he must use functions…
If that 3 lines be placed inside a function once, v can just call that function whenever need… No need to write those 3 lines again nd again…
(b) use functions

Ques. How many comparisons are needed to sort an array of length 5 if a straight selection sort is used and array is already in the opposite order?
Option 1 : 1
Option 2 : 10
Option 3 : 50
Option 4 : 20
option 2:10
1st iteration it will compare 4 number with the 5
2nd iteration it will compare 3 numbers with the 4
3rd iteration it will compare 2 number2 with the 3
4th iteration it will compare 1 number with the 2
so the total number of comparisons is 4+3+2+1 = 10
a) A boat travels 300m up stream in 15 minutes
b)Its speed down stream is 8/5 times its speed upstream

Ques. Which of the options provide the correct relationship between speed of current and speed of
1)Speed of current=12/10 times of speed of boat
2)Speed of current=3/13 times of speed of boat
3)Speed of current=12/10 times of speed of boat
4)Speed of current=9/13 times of speed of boat
2) Speed of current=3/13 times of speed of boat
If speed of the boat=x and that of current=y
Upstream speed=x-y & Downstream speed=x+y
Given, x+y=(8/5)*(x-y)
13y=3x, so y=(3/13)*x

Ques. what is the number that is to be added to 0.00272 to make it a perfect square?
The correct answer is 0.00017
because after point has two zero that means it is a square no…if u see the 272 ,is not square no. so u have to make it is a perfect square…so the whole no will be a perfect square..after 272 the nearest square no 289 0.002879-0.00272=0.00017….u hv to add this after that the no. will be a perfect square

Ques. Martha was supposed to multiply the number of cans sold with the price of one can to ascertain the amount earned by her, Instead of taking 41 as the number of cans , she wrote 14 by mistake . As a result the product went down by 135. What is the other multiplier
a] 41x=14x+135
ie x=5

Ques. At a certain party the ratio of gents and ladies was 1 : 2. But when 2 gents and 2 ladies left the party, the ratio became 1 : 3. How many people were initially present in the party?
4 gents 8 ladies
G/L=1/2 G-2/L-2=1/3
if x^4+1/x^4=47
then x^3+1/x^3=?
lets add 2 to both sides so, x^4+1/x^4+2=47+2
then x^2+1/x^2+2=7+2
so ans is 18.

Ques. if the product of two co-prime number is 783.then find the L.C.M
of these numbers.
a 1
b 783
c lcm will be equal to hcf
d lcm cant be calculated
product of 2 numbers = of 2 numbers *l.c.m of 2 numbers
hcf of 2 co-prime number= 1
so lcm=783

Ques. A man earns Rs. 24,000 pm. He spends 1/3rd of his income on personal expenditures. Half of the remaining income is invested in a scheme at 15% interest pa. After investing, half of what is left is invested in a scheme which gives 10% interest pa. The remaining lies in a bank, where it earns an interest of 4% pa. The effective rate of interest earned by the man on his investments at the end of the year is ?
amount remaining= 24000-24000/3=16000
1. 16000/2=8000 SI=PRT/100=8000*15*1/100=1200
2. 8000/2=4000 SI=4000*10*1/100=400
3. 4000 SI=4000*4*1/100=160
adding total interest=1200+400+160=1760
SI=PRT/100 1760=16000*R*1/100
Solving this R=11% Ans……

Ques. Geetika writes a piece of code, where a set of eight lines occur around 10 times in different parts of the program (Code
A). She passes on the code to Deva. Deva puts the set of eight lines in a function definition and calls them at the 10
points in the program (Code B). Which code will run faster using an interpreter?
Option 1 : Code A
Option 2 : Code B
Option 3 : Code A and Code B will run with the same speed
Option 4 : None of these
Code A. this is a case of function vs macro.
in code A the space occupied in memory will be larger but the code will run faster and in B code space will be same, but the time taken to execute will be more.

Ques. Diesel costs Rs.4per lit and petrol costs5.23 per litre.If the price of diesel rise by 10% a month and the price of petrol is unchanged.How many months will it take untill a litre of Diesel costs more thatn a litre of petrol.
Answer is 3 Months.
In the First Month the price of the diesel would be 4*110/100 = 4.4
In the Second Month the price of the diesel would be 4.4*110/100 = 4.84
In the Third Month the price of the diesel would be 4.84*110/100 = 5.324 which is higher than the price of the patrol!

Ques. What does this function compute for positive n?
function f(int n)
if (n equals 1)
{ return 1 }
{ return f(n-1)/f(n-1) + n }
Option 1 : 1 + n
Option 2 : 1 + 2 + 3 + … + n
Option 3 : 1 + n, if n > 1, 1 otherwise
Option 4 : None of the above
option 3 : suppose n=2 the it will return f(2-1)/f(2-1)+2 i.e. f(1)/f(1) +2 which implies 1 +2 ..
similarly in case of n >1 say 3 we get 1+3…
so the ans is 1+n ,if n>1 ,otherwise 1

Ques. what is the least amount that a person can have, such that when he distributes it into groups of rs 16 or rs 18 or rs 20 or rs 25, he is always left with rs 4?
a)rs 1796
b) rs 1804
g)rs 2596
ans is d)3604
the amount is 4 greater than the lcm of 20 25 16 and 18
so the lcm is 3600.
so the amount is 3604

Ques. the interior decorator was asked to cover the rectangular walls of an office with identical rectangular wall papers of exactly the same size.if a wall is 5.2m high and 5.0m wide,what is the largest size of the wall paper which can be used for this purpose.

for largest size means largest common
HCF of 5.2 ,5.0 = 0.2m =20cm

Ques. function g(int n)
if (n > 0) return 1;
else return -1;
function f(int a, int b)
if (a > b) return g(b-a);
if (a < b) return g(a-b);
return 0;

If f(a,b) is called, what is returned?

Option 1 : Always -1
Option 2 : 1 if a > b, -1 if a < b, 0 otherwise
Option 3 : -1 if a > b, 1 if a < b, 0 otherwise
Option 4 : 0 if a equals b, -1 otherwise
option 4:0 if a equals b, -1 otherwise.
Let a=10,b=5=> a>b => g(-5);then return -1;
a=5,b=10=> a g(-5);then also return -1;
a=b => return 0;

Ques. A sorting algorithm iteratively traverses through a list to exchange the first element with any element less than it. It then repeats with a new first element. What is this sorting algorithm called?
Option 1 : insertion sort
Option 2 : selection sort
Option 3 : heap sort
Option 4 : quick sort
It is Insertion Sort:

Ques. selection sort searches for the minimum element in the list then replaces with the first element:
Insertion sort is the one which selects first element and replaces with the next element less than it!!
if logi2base10=0.3010. find the value of log25base 10
log 25 base 10 = log(100/4) base 10 = log 100 base 10 – log 4 base 10 = 2 – 2(0.3010)
=2 – 0.6020

Ques. In which of the following steps, is the Program Counter(PC) loaded with the address of the next instruction?
o 5.2
o 6.2
o 7
o 8
o Execution
o Fetch instruction
o Decode the instruction
o Result
it is case of subroutine in program when we call the SB for execute the instr..then PC is set on the stack for fetching the next instruction

Ques. 4^x+3 = 2^x+7
d)none of the above


Ques. A hash table can store a maximum of 10 records. Currently there are records in locations 1, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10. The probability of a new record going into location 2, with a hash function resolving collisions by linear probing is
Option 1 : 0.6
Option 2 : 0.1
Option 3 : 0.2
Option 4 : 0.5

Ques. If the new record hashes onto one of the six locations 7, 8, 9, 10, 1 or 2, the location 2 will receive the new record. THe probability is 6/10 (as 10 is the total possible number of locations).
Rajini is given an efficient code for summing two nXn matrices and putting the result in a third matrix. She is asked to find it’s time complexity. She realizes that the number of iterations required is more than n. What can she claim with regard to the complexity of the code?
Option 1 : It is O(n)
Option 2 : It is O(n2)
Option 3 : It is ?(n)
Option 4 : It is ?(n)
option 2: it is O(n^2)

Ques. In a town the population grows at a simple rate of 10% in a decade and compounds from decade to decade. Find the population at the beginning of the 1970s if the population at the beginning of the 1990s is 3,63,000 people.
here the rate is compounded decade to decade.formula to calculate the population n years ago is
p/(1+r/100)^n where p=current population,r=rate of increase of n=2 as from 1970 to 1990 is 20 years .by putting the values in the formula we get the answer as 300000.
Stack is useful for implementing
Option 1 : radix search
Option 2 : breadth first search
Option 3 : recursion
Option 4 : none of these
6,3,18,36… next digit of no;
6+3 = 9+9 =18
6+3+18 = 27+9 =36
6+3+18+36=63+9 =72
find the odd no:2,3,12,36,86,167
given series. 2,3,12,36,86,167
3-2=1 => 1^2=1
12-3=9 => 3^2=9
36-12=24 => here if we change 36 into 37 then 36-12=25 =>5^2=25
86-36=50 => Similary 86-37=49 =>7^2=49
167-86=81 =>9^2=81
so answer will be 36.

Ques.What is the greatest positive power of 5 that divides 30! exactly.
power of 5 =30/5=6
power of 5=6/5=1
total power of 5 =6+1=7
Five student have not been absent for the entire first sem .They asked to draw one pass each from a bag that has 5 movies passes and 5 meal passes.parul and maru are the first two students to draw a pass simultaneously.what is the probability that both drawn movie passes?

Ques. When the price of a product was increased by 15% the number of items sold where decreased by 20% . what is the net effect?
X+Y+XY/100 Apply these formula
Than 15-20-15*20/100=-8%
8% ka loss
Integer n,i,j

Ques. input n
for i=0 to n increment 1
print end of line
for j=0 to i increment
if(i-j equals 1)
print “1”
option: 1
b) 1
c) 1
d) 1
the condition is
for i=0 to n increment 1
so in first loop ll take i=0
now, for j=0 to i increment
now j=0
now i-j=1
then print 1 else 10
so here i-j=0-0=0,therefore ll print 10
then in second loop i=1 nd j=0,1 coz we hav to take from 0 to i
so here for j=0, i-j=1-0=1 and for j=1.i-j=1-1=0
therefore ll print 110
and so on and the answer is option (e)
in non leap year what is the probability that last day of the year starts with t?
Total monday in a non leap year day=52
similarly tue,wed,thu,fri,sat,sun=52 indvidually
probability of last day of year starts with t/ Total no. of days=
in simplify form=2/7 ans..
Zenab and Shashi independently write a program to find the the mass of one mole of water, which includes mass of
hydrogen and oxygen. Zenab defines the variables:
integer hydrogen, oxygen, water // Code A
while Shashi defines the three quantities as:
integer a, b, c // Code B

Ques. Which is a better programming practice and why?
Option 1 : Code B is better because variable names are shorter
Option 2 : Code A is better because the variable names are understandable and non-confusing
Option 3 : Code A will run correctly, while Code B will give an error.
Option 4 : Code B will run correctly, while Code A will give an error.
Option 2 : Code A is better because the variable names are understandable and non-confusing
Afzal writes a piece of code, where a set of three lines occur around 10 times in different parts of the program.

Ques. What programming concept can he use to shorten his program code length?
Option 1 : Use for loops
Option 2 : Use functions
Option 3 : Use arrays
Option 4 : Use classes
option 2 : Use functions

Ques. A for-loop is used for which of the following purposes?
Option 1 : Decision-Making
Option 2 : Iteration
Option 3 : Recursion
Option 4 : None of these
Consider the statement
while (a < 10.0) { a = a*a }

Ques. Assuming a is positive, for what value of a will this code statement result in an infinite loop?
Option 1 : a < 1.0
Option 2 : a < sqrt(10)
Option 3 : a > sqrt(10)
Option 4 : a = 0
Option 4 : for a= 0
While loop check: ( 0 infinite will also remain true as condition remains satisfied always !
Causing loop to enter an infinite state.
what is next number in the below series?
its 7,8,15,23,38..

Ques. Let A be containing 10 distinct elements ,then the total number of distinct functions from A to A IS
Ques. Statements
P: Some children are adults.
Q: Some adults are not old
I. Some children are not old.
II. Some children are old.
Op 1: Only conclusion I follows
Op 2: Only conclusion II follows.
Op 3: Neither I nor II follows.
Op 4: Both I and II follows.
Op 5:
Correct Op : 3
ans. Neither I or II

Ques. A car engine is half filled and holds 15lt of petrol.what fraction of the engine is full if it contains 18 lt of petrol?
1/2 of x = 15
x= 30 ltrs
18/30= 3/5

Surbhi wants to implement a particular data structure using a static array. She uses the concept of circular list to
implement the data structure, because this allows her to efficiently use all fields of the array. Which data structure is
Surbhi implementing?
Option 1 : a stack
Option 2 : a queue
Option 3 : Binary Tree
Option 4 : None of these
Ans 2

Ques. What is the value of log3 1.5 + log3 6 ?
log3 1.5+ log3 6
=2*log3 3
=2 ans