What Is Cryptarithmetic ?

What is Cryptarithmetic?

As clear from the name, which is formed by joining two words Crypto meaning hiding and solving and Arithmetic means standard traditional operations like—addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. They are frequently asked in eLitmus Cryptarithmetic Problems.

concepts have been used in the times of World War I and World War II,
to transmit important military communications over an open radio

The world’s best-known alphametic puzzle is undoubtedly SEND + MORE = MONEY.
It was created by H. E. Dudeney and first published in the July 1924
issue of Strand Magazine associated with the story of a kidnapper’s
ransom demand.[1]

Note– Cryptarithmetic
problems are tough and will take time to learn and understand it is
advisable to spend atleast 1 complete day to study them properly and
give some time to them.

eLitmus Cryptarithmetic Problems with Solutions

Crypto-arithmetic problems in eLitmus

  • Total Number of Question – 1×3(1 Ques divided into 3 sub-ques)
  • Total Time consumed – 10 Mins
  • Percentile Increase if All Question Correct – 30-40%
  • Difficulty Level – High

These are highly important as most students(90%) are not able to answer questions based on Cryptarithmetic.
solving 3 questions gives you an edge of at least 30-40+ increase in
percentile since in eLitmus 90%+ percentile is achievable by solving
only 6-7 questions in Reasoning section.
1 – http://cryptarithms.awardspace.us/primer.html

eLitmus Cryptarithmetic Tips, Tricks and Solutions

  • Go through the rules properly to understand the basic and tricks in the first link on this page.
  • Then attend to some tutorials and solved problems given in the second link on this page.