Elitmus Logical Reasoning Questions from Previous Papers 7

Set 1

Find Solutions at the end of every section

Six cricketers from six different nations stay in a five star hotel in different rooms. Each of them eats a different variety of food in a meal and hits different number of sixes in an average match. Now read the following clues carefully.
●  The player in room No. 142 eats twice as much as the number of varieties eaten by player, who hits an average of 8 sixes per match, in a meal.●  The player from New Zealand and the player in room no. 146 eat a combined 40 varieties in a meal.●  The player from India eats 8 varieties less than the player from England but hits 10 more sixes in an average match.
●  Four times the number of varieties in a meal eaten by the player in room No. 144 is lesser than the number of sixes hit by him in an average match.
●  The player in room no. 143 eats 12 varieties per meal and hits 8 sixes on an average in each match.
●  The player who eats 16 varieties per meal hits 24 sixes per match on an average.
●  The player in room No. 145 eats 8 varieties per meal and hits 2 sixes less than the player from the Pakistan on an average in a match.
● The Australian player is staying one rooms after the English who is staying one rooms after the

Pakistani player.
1.In which room is the Australian player staying ?
(a)Room No. 142
(b)Room No. 143
(c)Room No. 144
(d)Room No. 145

What is the average number of sixes hit by the Indian player ?

3.How many varieties of food is eaten by English player in his meal ?

The player of which country is staying in room No. 146 ?
(c)Sri Lanka

5.The player of which country hits 24 sixes on an average ?
(b)New Zealand
(d)Sri Lanka

1.(D)   2.(C)    3.(B)    4.(C)   5.(D)
S- Sixes
P=No. of sixes hit by Pakistan players

Set 2

Find Solutions at the end of every section

Mr. Bankatlal acted as a judge for the beauty contest. There were four participants, viz Ms. Andhra Pradesh, Ms. Uttar Pradesh, Ms. West Bengal and Ms. Maharastra. Mrs. Bankatlal, who was very anxious about the result asked him about it as soon as he was back home. Mr. Bankatlal just told that the one who was wearing the yellow saree won the contest. When Mrs. Bankatlal pressed for further details, he elaborated as follows.●  All of them were sitting in a row.
●  All of them wore sares of different colors, viz. green, yellow, white, red.
●  There was only one runner-up and she was sitting beside Ms. Maharastra.
●  The runner-up was wearing the green saree.
●  Ms. West Bengal was not sitting at the ends and was not the runner up.
●  The winner and the runner-up are not sitting adjacent to each other.
●  Ms. Maharastra was wearing the white saree.
●  Ms. Andhra Pradesh was not wearing green saree.
●  Participants wearing yellow saree and white saree were at the ends.

1.Who wore the red saree ?
(a)Ms. Andhra Pradesh
(b)Ms. West Bengal
(c)Ms. Utter Pradesh
(d)Ms. Maharastra

2.Ms. West Bengal was sitting adjacent to
(a)Ms. Andhra Pradesh and Mr. Maharastra
(b)Ms. Utter Pradesh and Ms. Maharastra
(c)Ms. Andhra Pradesh and Ms. Uttar Pradesh
(d)Ms. Uttar Pradesh Only

3.Which saree was worn by  Ms. Andhra Pradesh ?

4.Who was the runner-up ?
(a)Ms. Andhra Pradesh
(b)Ms. West Bengal
(c)Ms. Uttar Pradesh
(d)Ms. Maharastra

1.(B)   2.(C)    3.(A)    4.(C)