COGNIZANT Blood Relation Questions with Answers

  1. Pointing to a photograph, Vipul said, “She is the daughter of my grandfather’s only son.” How is Vipul related to the girl in the photograph ?

A. Father
B. Brother.
C. Cousin
D. Uncle.
E. Grandson
Explanation: My grandfather’s only son — My father. So, the girl is the daughter of Vipul’s father i.e., Vipul is the girl`s brother.

2. If Neena says, “Anita`s father Raman is the only son of my father-in-law Mahipal”, then hoe is Bindu, who is the sister of Anita,relatedtoMahipal ?

A. Niece
B. Daughter
C. Wife
D. Daughter-in-law
E None of these
Answer:A .
None of these
Justification: Only son of Neena’sfather–in-lawMahipal — Neena’s husband.
So, Raman is Neena’s husband and Anita and Bindu are his daughters.Thus, Bindu is thegrand daughterof Mahipal.

3. Pointing to a girl in the photograph, Amar said, “Her mother`s brother is the only son of my mother’s father.” How is the girl`s mother related to Amar ?

A. Mother
C. Aunt
D. Grandmother
E. None of these
Answer:C .Aunt
Justification: Only son of Amar’s mother’s father — Amar’s maternal uncle.
So, the girl’s maternal uncle is Amar’s maternal uncle.
Thus, the girl’s mother is Amar’s aunt.

4. A girl introduced a boy as the son of the daughter of the father of her uncle. The boy is

A. girl`s
B. Brother
D. Uncle
E. Son-in-law
Answer:A .Brother
Justification: Daughter of uncle’s father — Uncle’s sister — Mother;
Mother’s son — Brother.

5. If X is the brother of the son of Y`s son, how is X relatedtoY ?A. Son
B. Brother
C. Cousin
D. Grandson
Answer:D .Grandson
Justification: Son of Y’s son — Grandson;
Brother of Y’s grandson — Y’sgranson

6. Pointing to a gentleman, Deepak said, ” His only brother is the father of my daughter`s father.” How is the gentleman related to Deepak ?

A. Grandfather
B. Father
C. Brother-in-law
AnswerD .Uncle
Justification: Father of Deepak’s daughter’s father — Deepak’s father.
So, the man’s brother is Deepak’s father or the man is the brother of Deepak’s father i.e., Deepak’s uncle.

7. If Kamal says, “Ravi`s mother is the only daughter of my mother”, how isKamalrelatedtoRavi ?

A. Grandfather
B. Fathe
C. Brother
D. Cannot be determined
Answer:A .
None of these
Justification: Only daughter of Kamal’s mother — Kamal’s sister.
So, Ravi’s mother is Kamal’s sister or Kamal is the brother of Ravi’s mother i.e., Ravi’s maternal uncle.

8. When Anuj saw Manish, he recalled, “He is the son of the father of my daughter.”WhoisManish ?

A. Brother-in-law
B. Brother
C. Cousin
D. Uncle
Answer:A .Brother-in-law
Justification: Anuj’s daughter’s mother — Anuj’s wife;
Anuj’s wife’s father — Anuj’s father-in-law;
Father-in-law’s son — Anuj’s brother-in-law.
So, Manish is Anuj’s brother-in-law.

9. Pointing to a photograph, a lady tells Pramod, “I am the only daughter of this lady and her son is your maternal uncle.” How is the speaker related to Pramod`sfather?

A. Sister-in-law
B. Wife
C. Either a or b
D. Neither a nor b
Answer:B .Wife
Justification: Clearly, the speaker’s brother is Pramod’s maternal uncle
So, the speaker is Pramod’s mother or his father’s wife.Looking at a portrait of a man, Harsh said, “His mother is the wife of my father’s son. Brothers andsistersI have none.” Atwhose portrait was Harsh looking ?

A. His son
B. His cousin
C. His uncle
D. His nephew
Answer:A .His son
Justification: Since Harsh has no brother or sister, so he is his father’s only son.
Now, wife of my father’s son — my wife.
So, Harsh’s wife is the man’s mother or the man is Harsh’s son.

10. Pointing to a photograph, a woman says, “This man`s son`s sister is my mother-in-law.” How is the woman`s husband related to the man in thephotograph?

A. Grandson
B. Son
C. Son-in-law
D. Nephew
Answer:A .Grandson
Justification: Man’s son’s sister — Man’s daughter.
So, the man’s daughter is the mother of the woman’s husband.
Thus, the woman’s husband is the grandson of the man in the photograph.

11. Pointing to a man in a photograph, a woman said, “His brother`s father is the only son of my grandfather.’ How is the woman related to the man in the photograph?

A. Mother
B. Aunt
C. Sister
D. Daughter
Answer: C . Sister
Justification: Only son of woman’s grandfather — Woman’s father;
Man’s brother’s father — Man’s father.
So, the woman is man’s sister.

12. Pointing to an old man, Kailash said, “His son is my son`s uncle”. How is the old man related

toKailash ?

A. Brother
B. Uncle
E. Grandfather
Answer: C . Father
Justification: Kailash’s son’s uncle — Kailash’s brother.
So, the old man’s son is Kailash’s brother i.e., the old man is Kailash’s father.

  1. Daya has a brother Anil, Daya is the son of Chandra. Bimal is Chandra`s father. In term of relationship, what is Anil of Bimal ?

A. Son
B. Grandson
C. Brother
D. Grandfather
Answer: B . Grandson
Justification: Anil is the brother of Daya and Daya is the son of Chandra.
So, Anil is the son of Chandra. Now, Bimal is the father of Chandra.
So, Anil is the grandson of Bimal.

  1. Rahul`s mother is the only daughter of Monika`s father. How is Monika`s husband related to Rahul ?

A. Uncle
B. Father
C. Grandfather
D. Brother
Answer: B . Father
Justification: Clearly, the only daughter of Monika’s father is Monika herself.
So, Rahul’s mother is Monika.
Thus, Monika’s husband is the father of Rahul.

  1. If (i) MisbrotherofN; (ii) Bisbrother of N; (iii) M isbrotherof D, then which of the following statements is definitelytrue ?

A. N is brother of B
B. N is brother of D
C.M is brother of B
D. D is brother of M
Answer: C . M is brother of B
Justification: M is the brother of N and B is the brother of N.
So, M is the brother of B.

  1. Deepak is brotherof Ravi  Rekha is sisterof Atul. Ravi is son  of Rekha. How is Deepak related toRekha ?

A. Son
B. Brother
C. Nephew
D. Father
Answer: A . Son
Justification: Deepak is the son of Ravi, who is the son of Rekha.
Thus, Deepak is the son of Rekha.

  1. A is B`s sister. C is B`s mother. D is C`s father. E is D`s mother. Then, how is A related toD ?

A. Grandmother
B. Grandfather
C. Daughter
D. Grand daughter
Answer: D . Grand daughter
Justification: A is the sister of B and B is the daughter of C.
So, A is the daughter of C. Also, D is the father of C.
So, A is the grand daughter of D.

  1. Give that:A is brother of B. C is brother of A. D is brother of E. E is brother of B. Then uncle of D is

A. A
B. B
C. C
D. E
Answer: A . A
Justification: Clearly, D is the brother of E and E is the daughter of B.
So, D is the son of B. Also, A is the brother of B.
So, A is the uncle of D.

  1. A is father of C and D is son  of B. E is brother of A. If C is sister of D, how is B related toE ?

A. Daughter
B. Brother-in-Law
C. Husband
D. Sister-in-Law
Answer: A . Daughter
Justification: A is father of C and C is sister of D.
So, A is father of D. But D is son of B.
So, B is the mother of D and wife of A. Also, E is the brother of A.
So, B is the sister-in-law of E.