Infosys Syllabus 2019 for Written Aptitude Test

Infosys Exam Syllabus 2019

Infosys changed the Written test Syllabus 2019, just one month ago. Now, the whole Infosys Syllabus for 2019 is completely different and the Infosys Exam Syllabus is also new. The difficulty of the paper is has become higher and new sections have been included in Infosys Written Test Syllabus all the information about the test you can find out on the page below the Infosys Written Test Syllabus 2019.

Type of ExamOnline or Written
Total Sections3
Salary or CTCRs. 3.35 LPA
Total Marks300
Cut off75 percentile
Patternnon Adaptive

Infosys Syllabus 2019 for Freshers

Infosys Syllabus for 2018AptitudeLogicalVerbal
Number of Questions101540
Negative MarkingNoNoNo
Mode ConductedOnlineOnlineOnline

Below is the most updated Infosys written test syllabus 2019 it is the latest Infosys Syllabus 2019 –

  1. No negative marking
  2. First section Reasoning then Aptitude and last one is English
  3. Changing to different sections isn’t allowed
  4. You can skip questions in the test and go to different question.

Aptitude Infosys Written Test Syllabus 2019

  1. Number of Questions – 10
  2. Time – 25 mins
  3. Difficulty – Medium
  • Percentages
  • Cryptarithmetic
  • Mixtures and Allegations
  • Time and Distance
  • Time and Work
  • Probability
  • Profit and Loss
  • Permutation and Combinations
  • Mensuration

Logical Syllabus for Infosys

  1. Number of Questions – 15
  2. Time – 35 mins
  3. Difficulty – High
  • Seating Arrangements
  • Coding and Decoding
  • Number Series
  • Data Sufficiency
  • Syllogism
  • Clocks and Calendar
  • Data Interpretation

Verbal English Syllabus for Infosys

  1. Number of Questions – 40
  2. Time – 35 mins
  3. Difficulty – Medium
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Sentence Correction
  • Sentence Completion
  • Para Jumbles
  • Analogy
  • Fill in the Blanks
  • One Word Substitution

FACTS about Infosys Exam –

  1. Order of the sections in the test is Logical, Quants and English
  2. There is sectional timing
  3. You can swap questions in a section, but can’t swap in modules

Infosys Written Aptitude Test 2019

Infosys Syllabus for Written Test AptitudeApprox QuesTime per Ques (mins)
Percentages0 – 21.20
Mixtures and Allegations1 – 21.30
Time and Work0 – 21.20
Probability1 – 21.30
Cryptarithmetic0 or 33
Profit and Loss1 – 21.30
Permutation and Combinations1 – 21.50
Mensuration1 – 21.20
Total1025 mins
Infosys Verbal SyllabusApprox QuesTime per Ques (mins)
Reading Comprehension101.30
Sentence Correction50.50
Sentence Completion50.50
Para Jumbles
0 or 51.20
Analogy0 or 50.50
Fill in the Blanks
One Word Substitution
0 or 51.20
Total4035 mins
Infosys Reasoning SyllabusApprox QuesTime per Ques (mins)
Seating Arrangements
0 or 52.30
Coding and Decoding0 or 2/32
Number Series0 or 3/52
Data Sufficiency0 or 2/32.30
Syllogism0 or 52
Clocks and Calendar0 or 12
Data Interpretation
0 or 32.30
Total1035 mins

How to Apply for Infosys Off Campus

  • Day 0 – Infosys announces new Phase of drive and Infosys written test syllabus 2019
  • Day 0 to Day 14 – Referring Window in which you can ask people to refer you
  • Day 14 to Day 17 – Form filling for referred students
  • Day 20 – 1st Batch freshers written test
  • Day 21 – Interview for 1st batch students
  • Day 27 – 2nd Batch Freshers written test
  • Day 28 – Interview for 2nd Batch
  • Day 30 – 31 – Result Announcement
  1. The first step would be to look for an Infosys Employee
  2. Then ask them to refer you
  3. Give them your details
    1. email ID
    2. Resume
    3. Contact Number
    4. Year of Passing out
    5. etc (Find this info in details to send to referring Infosys Employee while referring.
  4. He will refer you now from the internal Infosys referring portal
  5. Once, successfully referred you will get an email from Infosys HR and you will have to fill a form by clicking on a link sent to you via email
  6. After approval from HR you will get the details of the Written test like venue, Date, timing etc
  7. Interview Round will be there the very next day
  8. Results
    1. If in Batch 1 then 9 days after the test
    2. If in Batch 2 then 2 days after the test.
  9. Voila you’re placed in Infosys.
  10. Contact us on our Facebook page submit your Infosys Interview Experience and win PayTM Cash

How can 2017 and 2018 batches can apply too?

Now, Infosys though says drive for 2019. But, we have seen many 2017 and 2018 students apply for the drive and they are called for Written test and Interviews and if cleared all then they give joining letters too.

Infosys written test syllabus 2019 Candidate Experience

Candidate 1

Skills Tested :
– Ability To Analyse
– Confidence Levels Of Students
– Knowledge Of Projects Undertaken
– Proficiency In English

Interview Process :
Test → Technical + HR Interview
Duration : 1 Hours 35 Minutes

No. of Questions : 65 questions

Test Sections : Communicative english | Logical Reasoning | Analytical thinking

Experience : In this round, the level of english was above par. The reading comprehension questions were difficult to solve and the time limit for this section is 40 min. for 40 questions which means 1 min for 1 ques . At first i was very baffled by seeing the questions but then i took a deep sigh and with a calm mind i solved the questions and finally was able to do almost 26 questions.Rest sections were average and were easy to be tackled with .

Technical Interview Questions
Question 1: Technical question – (for an non-it student) The basic structure of my project and the conceptual explanation of the theories involved.
Question 2: HR Question- Any condition in your life when you were extremely downtrodden and you suddenly evolved a method to come out from that situation.

HR Interview Experience :
Firstly, he took my introduction and as i stopped he directly jumped to my final year project . He interviewed almost 25 minutes on my major and minor interview. After tjw technical part he slowly shifted to HR section and asked about variois experiences of my life and the achievemnts i mentioned in my CV. Then atlast he asked a puzzle ques.which i was able to answer half , then he shook hands with me and asked about any query of mine.

Candidate 2

Skills Tested
– Computation Skills
– Attitude
– Personality
– Communication And Confidence

Interview Process :
Test → HR Interview
Duration1 Hours Test SectionsAmpitude | Reasoning | EnglishExperienceIt was an off campus placement, it was conducted by Infosys for job filling through internal references, after applying for the exam online and completing the documentation. The exam took place in kolkata.
The process was simple, the result was announced in their respective mails.

HR Interview Questions :
Question 1: Why B-Tech and whats your stream?
Question 2: Whats your Favorite Subject?
Question 3: What you know about Machine and its function?
Question 4: Tell me about your self?
Question 5: What are your expectation from Infosys ?
Question 6: As your major is mechanical, explain how turbine works and its parts?
Question 7: Do you think your b-tech major and your current job profile matches each other ?
Question 8: Do you mind working for long hours at different location?
Question 9: What is the color of your t-shirt Button?
Question 10: Can you tell me the difference between C and C++ ?

Interview Experience : The process started a day after the result was announced, the location was same were we had our exam, The process started early morning 3 Hr from Infosys were present for recruitment, Each interview lasted for 30 min more or less.
The result was announced at late evening when we were done will all interviews.

Candidate 3

Skills Tested
– C++
– Team Working Ability
– Java Programming
– Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)
– Personality
– Responsiveness
– Willingness
– Database Management
– Projects

Interview Process
Test → Technical Interview → HR Interview
Duration 30 MinutesTest SectionsAptitude ExperienceThe questions asked were simple enough to test the basic knowledge of ours, in Maths, English and programming. But, time management was the biggest tasks. I was able to crack this round comfortably.

Technical Interview Experience : The interviewer asked me a few questions to get to know me. I was asked to introduce myself. Then, we digressed towards more technical questions. Basic concepts of Programming, some concepts from what I learnt in my engineering course and was asked what technologies I was familiar with. I got interviewed on my final year project in depth. The interviewer wanted to know how aware I’m of it.

HR Interview Experience : The interviewer was very friendly. He greeted me as I entered, and had a conversation rather than an interview. We talked about my biggest achievement, was I part of any team, what’s pros and cons, how I handled any problems associated with being a part of a team. The interview lasted around 20 minutes and It was a good experience overall.

Candidate 4

Interview Process
Resume Shortlist → Test → HR Interview
Resume Shortlist
ExperienceThey saw whether we have all the eligible criteria and if we have some interesting things in Resume.

Duration1 Hours No. of Questions60 questionsTest Sectionsaptitude | Logical reasoning | GrammarExperienceGrammar part was tricky but it will be easy if you take time to read it, Saved my time in logical test and utilized it for Grammar

HR Interview Questions
Question 1: Why Infosys?
Question 2: Why IT when you are from ECE?
Question 3: What will you do for women Empowerment?
Question 4: Who is role model and why?
Question 5: what is your contribution in your team project?
Question 6: what did you learn in your college life

Candidate 5

Interview Process
Technical + HR Interview

Interview Questions
Question 1: First of all, they ask me to introduce yourself?
Question 2: Technical questions about the topics/skills which i have written on my Resume.
Question 3: Current Technical News means which technology is hot, et al.
Question 4: Current News to check that you are up to date in each and every field

Interview Experience
They ask me to introduce yourself, be frank and confident. I quickly introduce myself with confident and then they were much interested in my introduction, i gave it all with confidence. After that they ask me about resume,since i have written many technology/skills i know ,they ask me about each and everything written on resume and asked about project.At one time i was in discomfort but interviewer was very encouraging and told me to relax ,calm . When interviewer was such an encouraging, it boost your confidence.Then given a chance, i asked them a few questions about company and all.Never ask interviewer “suggest the areas where i can improve”?. Interview is done.

Candidate 6

Skills Tested
– Ability To Handle Situations
– Programming Skills In Any Language Like C

Interview Process :
Test → Technical + HR Interview

Test Duration : 1 Hours

No. of Questions : 60 questions

Test Sections : Aptitude Test and English TestExperienceIn this test, I had 60 questions to attempt in 60 minutes. The apti questions was quite easy but the English ones were a good throngs to memory. It was the comprehension in English part that made the difference.

Technical Interview Questions
Question 1: Technical questions about languages and also about my background, both family and educational.

HR Interview Experience : As I entered the room the interviewer greeted me with a beautiful smile and asked me to take a seat. I was frightened a lot, but you can always hide your fear behind by replicating with a confident smile. She read my CV and asked me some personal questions about me and my family. then slowly took turns for technical questions, I replied 3 out of her 5 questions properly and gave partial answers for the rest 2. She asked me mainly about C++.
Helpful (1) Report

Candidate 7

Skills Tested
– Inter Person Communication Skills
– Grasp on Areas of Interest
– Work done in Projects

Interview Process
Test → Technical + HR Interview
Test Sections : Aptitude Test

Experience : The aptitude test comprised of questions from Mathematics, English and logical reasoning. The degree of difficulty of questions was easy to moderate.

Technical + HR Interview
Interview Questions
Question 1: Introduce yourself
Question 2: Descibe your projects.
Question 3: Tell me about your areas of intrest in work

Candidate 8

Interview Process :
Test → Technical Interview → HR Interview

Test Duration : 1 Hours 30 Minutes

No. of Questions : 36 questions

Test Sections : Logical Reasoning and aptitude

Experience : Questions are easy but tricky, challenges the mental ability of the applicant

Technical Interview Questions
Question 1: Project experience

Interview Experience : Whatever you have done as a part of your project.

HR Interview Questions
Question 1: Interpersonal qustions

Interview Experience : Situational questions

Candidate 9

Interview Process :
Test → Technical + HR Interview

Test Duration : 1 Hours

Experience : Online Aptitude test

Technical + HR Interview
Interview Experience : They asked everything you have mentioned in your resume whether technical or behavioral.

Candidate 10

Skills Tested :
– Communication
– Programming Skills In Any Language Like C
– Logical Puzzles

Interview Process :
Technical + HR Interview

Technical Interview Questions :
Question 1: Basic questions from C programming
Question 2: How aeroplane flies?
Question 3: Hobbies
Question 4: Are you ready to relocate?

HR Interview Experience : Some basic questions were asked from C programming and gave few programs to write. Few puzzles were asked. Not such difficult. The round was not much technical I will say. It was more inclined to HR part.

Infosys Interview Syllabus

Infosys also follows two tier Interview structure like Cognizant. There are two interview processes –

Grade A colleges like – NITs

  • Written Round
  • HR Interview

Grade B and C colleges like – IP University and Amity

  • Written Round
  • Technical Interview
  • HR Interview

Before 2017 Infosys used to not ask Coding or C/OOPS questions from candidates on Non CS-IT branches.

But, now since they don’t discriminate. They will ask Coding and C/OOPS Technical Questions from Non CS-IT branches also. You’re applying for a IT services company, they will obviously expect you to know coding.

Syllabus for Interview

  • C/OOPS/ C++ or Java (all branches)
  • Coding Questions (all branches)
  • OS/CN/Software Engineering/DBMS (CS/IT branches)
  • Project specific theory from Resume(all Branches)

Technical Interview Facts

We conducted data analysis on over 300 + Interviews for Freshers in Infosys and found out –

100 % – Time for Interview.

For CS/IT branches 

  1. Approx 40% time for C/OOPS/ C++ or Java
  2. 30% time for Coding questions
  3. 20% time Core CS subjects like CN/DBMS/Software Engineering
  4. 10% time for final year Project based questiosn

For non-CS-IT Branches

  1. 50% time for C/OOPS/C++ or Java
  2. 30% time for Coding Questions
  3. 10% time on Project Diagrams, theory, definitions
  4. 20% time for theory related to subject of your final year project

Infosys Vs other Mass hiring Companies Interview Process Comparison

  1. Technical
    1. Infosys like TCS, likes to go in Technical details of your Branch Projects, definitions, diagrams, code etc
    2. Other companies like Cognizant and Accenture specifically like to keep it non technical and focus more on English.
  2. Duration of Interview
    1. While in Accenture and CTS the duration of Interview is around 15 mins
    2. For Infosys it ranges anywhere between 25 mins to 40 mins
  3. Coding Questions
    1. Companies like Accenture and Deloitte don’t ask coding questions at all
    2. But, Infosys, Wipro will ask you basic coding questions like Palindrome, recursion printing etc even if you’re from Non CS IT round.
  4. C / OOPS Questions
    1. Infosys just like TCS, does ask C / OOPS concept to all Branches. Well, you’re applying to an IT company they expect you to know a little about C / OOPS theory.
    2. Companies like Accenture, Deloitte don’t ask C / OOPS concept. But, their training is very difficult, so even if you get selected. You need to learn all about coding and technical aspects
  5. Freedom of Topic Selection
    1. All bulk companies give freedom of topic selection to you, generally the interviewer will ask you the favourite subject and will ask questions from that, or will ask you the questions from topics, chapters and projects mentioned in your Resume.
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