TCS C Programming Multiple Choice Set- 3

1. atoi() function is used for:
a)convert ASCII character to integer value
b)convert a character string to its equivalent integer value
c)gets index value of character in an array
d)converts an array of characters to array of equivalent integers

2. Which of the following is NOT declared in string.h ?
a) strlen()
b) strcpy()
c) strptr()
d) strupr()

3. which of the below function is NOT declared in math.h ?
a) and()
b) pow()
c) exp()
d) acos()

4. Where are the local variable stored ?
a) In a Queue
b) In stack Memory
c) In hard Disk
d) In heap Memory

5. while declaring parameters for main, the second parameter argv should be declared as
a) char argv[]
b) char argv
c) char ** argv[]
d) char * argv[]

6. A memory leak happens when
a) a program allocates memory in heap but forgets to be allocate it
b) when an un-assigned pointer is used is freed using free function
c) when realloc() is called on a pointer that is not allocated
d) A program allocates memory in stack