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TCS Coding Section is based on Command Line Argument based Coding Questions it is available only on this website. We have the best material to help you learning command line argument based coding for TCS.

Very Important : Please read this theory on Command Line Arguments Questions before you start Practising TCS Command Line Programs.


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TCS Coding Round Facts and Probabilities

TCS Coding Questions 2018 Changes of this TypeTime Difficulty Level
TCS Coding Round Questions on HCF LCM1018 -20 minsMedium
TCS Coding Test on Factorial and Series 2518 -20 minsHigh
Swapping and Reversal TCS Programming Questions 2018 -20 minsMedium – High
Number Operations 30 -3518 -20 minsHigh
Misc20 -2518 -20 minsMedium- High