TCS Email Writing Question 10

1. All the phrases given below must be used.
2. Email must have minimum 50 words otherwise it will be considered invalid.
3. Addressing and signing must be done as provided in the given question.
4. Use proper Grammar and Punctuation.
5. Additional Phrases apart from the provided one can also be used.


You are the project leader for a team of 20 members. As the team members are not submitting the weekly time sheets regularly, you need to email them stressing the need to submit without fail. Using the following phrases, write an email with a minimum of 70 words and a maximum of 100 words to your team members informing the same.
can be accessed online – lead to loss of pay-every week – do not default-used to bill client-actual working hours – by Friday – failure to adhere-time sheet filling application.


Dear All
I am very disappointed regarding the lack of weekly time sheet submissions even though the form can be accessed online. This can lead to loss of pay for all of you every week. Please do not default on them as they are used to bill clients on the actual working hours. I hereby expect you to submit your forms by friday and failure to adhere to which will result in serious repercussions. Each of you has to submit a time sheet filling application by tomorrow noon.