TCS Email Writing Question 11

1. All the phrases given below must be used.
2. Email must have minimum 50 words otherwise it will be considered invalid.
3. Addressing and signing must be done as provided in the given question.
4. Use proper Grammar and Punctuation.
5. Additional Phrases apart from the provided one can also be used.


As a recent buyer of their car, write an email to the Manager of Smart Automotive company, Mr.Ahmed, regarding the poor quality of service facility available in the city. Sign the email as Chopra.
very few – service centers – complaints – pending problems – maintenance – cost – time – delivery – increase – customer satisfaction


Dear Mr. Ahmed,

I recently purchased a car from Smart Automotive Company and just 2 months after that I had to send it for servicing. There are very few service centres in my city and because of this I had to travel a lot. Unfortunately, my car is in your service centre since 1 week and there is no response from them. There are already a lot of complaints registered and the number of pending problems are increasing day by day. The maintenance is not up to the mark and the cost of your service is quite high. The time duration of the service and delivery is high. You need to increase the number of service centres for the betterment of customer satisfaction.

I hope that you kindly look into the matter.

Kind Regards,