TCS Email Writing Question 13

1. All the phrases given below must be used.
2. Email must have minimum 50 words otherwise it will be considered invalid.
3. Addressing and signing must be done as provided in the given question.
4. Use proper Grammar and Punctuation.
5. Additional Phrases apart from the provided one can also be used.


As an intern at ABC consulting Pvt.Ltd, write an email to your internship Project Manager, Mr.Ramesh, informing about the progress that you are making and some difficulties that you are encountering. Sign the email as Ben.
Thank – challenging – progress – tight schedule – support – report – analytics – guidance – access – doubt – requirements – design.


Respected Mr. Ramesh,

Sir, I thank you a lot for giving me the opportunity to work on the project that I desired. It is quite challenging but my progress is good up till now. It is having a very tight schedule of completion. Hence, I would be needing your kind support in preparing the final report on analytics. Your guidance will be of utmost value to me as I am not having access to certain tools that are required to complete the project on time. I am also having a doubt regarding the requirements and the design of the next phase.

I hope that you will consider my request of helping me out. I am looking forward to hearing form you.

Kind Regards,