TCS email Writing Question 4

1. All the phrases given below must be used.
2. Email must have minimum 50 words otherwise it will be considered invalid.
3. Addressing and signing must be done as provided in the given question.
4. Use proper Grammar and Punctuation.
5. Additional Phrases apart from the provided one can also be used.


You are the project manager and you took Billy to your project for delivering a service. Using the following phrases write an E-mail thanking Billy for completing your project work.

Accepting join – project months’ time – location constraints – flexibility – hard work –technical expertise invaluable – high complexity task – co-operating – deliver service –critical moment – deadlines – saviour – look forward – to working with you – all the best


Dear Bill,
Thanks for accepting join from our company.This project months time you have joined our company.In our company we have good location constraints and flexibility of timings.Their are lot of hard work is done by our employees.We know that your technical expertise invaluable for your work.we have an high complexity task in recent project .Thank your for joining and co-operating in this project.We deliver service very fast because of your help work in project.In this critical moment and deadlines ,you are like a savior.
We look forward to work with you and all the best.
Thanks and Regards,