TCS Email Writing Question 5

1. All the phrases given below must be used.
2. Email must have minimum 50 words otherwise it will be considered invalid.
3. Addressing and signing must be done as provided in the given question.
4. Use proper Grammar and Punctuation.
5. Additional Phrases apart from the provided one can also be used.


As a supplier, write an email to the manager of M/S Big wheel Manufacturing Company, Mr.Chopra, intimating of their payment that is due for the products delivered to them three months ago. Sign the email as Ramesh
On time – delivery of goods – three months – credit period – overdue – payment – of the earliest – longstanding – relationship


Hi Mr.Chopra
You are a valuable customer of our company for a very long time and we appreciate your business.  And you always make payments on time .  But recently, we observed that we have not received payment for the delivery of goods we made on 15th may this year.  Three months credit period was also over and payment is over due.  I request you to make payment for the above goods delivered of the earliest.  We are looking forward for a longstanding relationship with your company.
Thanks and regards