TCS Reasoning Questions with Answers – 1

1.In 4 years, Raj’s father age twice as raj, Two years ago, Raj’s mother’s age twice as raj. If Raj is 32yrs old in eight yrs from now, what is the age of Raj’s mother and father?
Explaination: Raj present age = 32 – 8 = 24.
After 4 years Raj’s age is 28. and Raj’s fathers age is 28 x 2 = 56, and his present age is 52.
Two years ago, Raj’s age is 22. and his mother’s age is 22 x 2 = 44. His mother’s present age = 46

2.   In a series of numbers , the next number is formed by adding 1 to the sum of the previous numbers, and the 10th number is 1280.  Then what is the first number in the series? (series will be like this x , x+1, (x+(x+1))+1,……)
a. 1
b. 4
c. 5
d. None of these
Answer: Option B
The given series is x, x + 1, 2x + 2, 4x + 4 ……
If you observe the pattern here,  the coefficient of x + 1 is in the powers of 2. So 4th term has a power of 2, 5th term has a power of 3… 10th term has a power of 8. So tenth term would be 28(x + 1)
= 256(x+1).
Given 256(x+1) = 1280
x = 4.

3.Mr. Bean chooses a number and he keeps on doubling the number followed by subtracting one from it, if he chooses 3 as initial number and he repeats the operation for 30 times then what is the final result?
a. (2^30) + 1
b. (2^30) – 2
c. (2^31) – 1
d. (2^31) – 2
Ans: a
Step 1: (3 x 2) – 1 = 5 ( 2^2 + 1)
Step 2: (5 x 2) – 1 = 9 (2^3 + 1)
Step 3: (9 x 2) – 1 = 17 (2^4 + 1)
Step 4: (17 x 2) – 1 = 33 (2^5 + 1)
So After 30 steps we have 2^31 + 1

4.On a 26 question test, five points were deducted for each wrong answer and eight points were added for each correct answer. If all the questions were answered, how many were correct, if the score was zero ?
a. 10
b. 12
c. 11
d. 13
Ans: A
Take options and check. If 10 are correct, his score is 10 x 8 = 80. But 16 are wrong. So total negative marking is 16 x 5 = 80. So final score is zero.

5.Five college students met at a party and exchanged gossips. Uma said, “Only one of us is lying”. David said, “Exactly two of us are lying”. Thara said, “Exactly 3 of us are lying”. Querishi said, “Exactly 4 of us are lying”. Chitra said “All of us are lying”. Which one was telling the truth?
Explaination:  As all are contradictory statements, it is clear that ONLY one of them is telling the truth. So remaining 4 of them are lying. Querishi mentioned that exactly 4 are lying. So, he is telling the truth.
Explanation: Let us 1st assume that Uma is telling the truth. Then according to her only one is lying. But if only one is lying then all the others’ statements are contradicting the possibility. In the same way all the other statements should be checked. If we assume the Querishi is telling the truth, according to him exactly 4 members are lying. So all the others are telling lies and he is the one who is telling the truth. This case fits perfectly.

6.There are 2 groups named brown and red. They can n’t marry in the same group. If the husband or wife dies then the person will revert to their own group.  If a person is married then the husband will have to change his group to his wife’s group. Children will own the mother’s group. If man is red then his mother’s brother belong to which group if he is married
a. red
b. brown
c. red and brown
d. none
Answer: b
Explaination :If a man is Red, his mother must be red, his mothers brother also red but after marriage, he gets converted to Brown.

7. Letters of alphabets no from 1 to 26 are consecutively with 1 assigned to A and 26 to Z.  By 27th letter we mean A, 28th B. In general 26m+n, m and n negative intezers is same as the letters numbered n.
Let P = 6, strange country military general sends this secret message according ot the following codification scheme.  In codifying a sentence, the 1st time a letter occurs it is replaced by the pth letter from it.   2nd time if occurred it is replaced by P^2 letter from it. 3rd time it occurred  it is replaced by p^3 letter from it.   What is the code word for ABBATIAL
Answer: D
A should be coded as 1+6 = G (it occurred for first time)
B should be coded as 2+6 = H (it occurred for first time)
B Should be coded as 2 + 36 = 38 – 26 = 12 = L (it occurred for second time)
Option D is correct

7.On this island, there are three types of people. Knights, who always tell the truth, knaves, who always lie, and spies, who can do either. In these puzzles, you meet three people, one knight, one knave and one spy. The challenge is to determine who is who. A says “I am a Knight” B says “A is a Knight” C says “If you asked me, I would say that A is the spy” who is a??
d.Cant be detemined
A is “SPY” since spy can say lie or truth… now its saying lie that “Am a knight” B is “Knave” since it always says lie… its saying “A”(spy) as knight C is “knight” since it always say truth, it says “A” as spy

8.In 2003, there are 28 days in February and there are 365 days in the year. In 2004, there are 29 days in February and there are 366 days in the year. If the date March 11, 2003 is a Tuesday, then which one of the following would be the date March 11, 2004 be?
Every year day is increased by 1 odd day. Or in leap year it is increased by 2 odd days. so 11 march 2003 is tuesday, 11 march 2004 is thursday

9.If two three and four cuts are made parallel to different faces of a cube ,then what is the number of identical pieces obtained?
Explanation: 3*4*5 = 60