TCS Repeated Aptitude Questions

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TCS Aptitude Questions and TCS Repeated Aptitude Questions

TCS Aptitude Syllabus and Pattern

Here you will find the TCS Aptitude Syllabus and Paper Pattern


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TCS Quants Questions and TCS Aptitude Questions with Solutions Based FAQ’s

1. What are the chances questions repeated in TCS Quantitative Aptitude Questions and TCS Quants Papers?

Ans There is a high change of getting the exact questions in TCS Repeated Aptitude Paper with same values. Also expect Star Marked Question in TCS from our Material.

2 Is it true that Star Marked Question in Tcs quantitative aptitude questions and Answers have double Negative Marking ?

Ans. In tcs quantitative aptitude questions the negative marking is not double however just the score if the question is right is double.