1. Antonym of AGONY

A. meet time constraints
B. aim better resource sharing
C. aim better system utilization
D. aim low system overhead
Answer: Option B
Agony means extreme physical and mental pain.

2. Antonym of CANDID

A. Bluff
B. Devious
C. Equal
D. Blunt
Answer: Option B

3. Antonym of AMENDING

A. Alter
B. Ameliorate
C. Better
D. Debase
Answer: Option D
4. Antonym of AMENABLE

A. Uncooperative
B. Persuadable
C. Biddable
D. Docile
Answer: Option A

5. Antonym of AMENITY

A. Advantage
B. Comfort
C. Enrichment
D. Abomination
Answer: Option D

7. Antonym of ENTANGLE

A. Untwist
B. Twist
C. Hook
D. Impede
Answer: Option A

8. Antonym of BELLYACHE

A. Fuss
B. Groan
C. Appreciate
D. Whine
Answer: Option C

9. Antonym of AGREEMENT

A. Dislocation
B. Turbulence
C. Discord
D. ragmentation
Answer: Option C
Agreement mean a promise or a contract while discord mean disagreement or arguing.

10. Antonym of AGONY

A. Bliss
B. Laughter
C. Pleasure
D. Estuary

11.  Antonym of RETICENT

A. Forward
B. Sophisticated
C. Developed
D. Communicative
Answer: Option D
Reticent mean reserved or unwilling to tell people about things

12. Antonym of PERCISE

A. Indecent
B. Vague
C. Incorrect
D. Indistinct
Answer: Option B
Precise mean clear and accurate.

13. Antonym of APOCRYPHAL

A. Authentic
B. Dubious
C. Unsubstantiated
D. ictitious
Answer: Option A

Apocryphal means, of doubtful authenticity, although widely circulated as being true.

14. Antonym of REPEL

A. Attend
B. Concentrate
C. Continue
D. Attract
Answer: Option D
15. Antonym of APPALLING

A. Shocking
B. Shocking
C. Scaring
D. Horrifying
Answer: Option B
Appalling means shocking or extremely bad while consoling mean giving comfort.

16. Antonym of JEST

A. Sport
B. Genial
C. Gravity
D. Grim
Answer: Option C

17. Antonym of Curtail

A. Lengthen
B. Shorten
C. Entail
D. Close
Answer: Option A
Curtail mean to limit something or make it last for a shorten time while lengthen mean to make something longer.

18. Antonym of APPLAUD

A. Praise
B. Loud
C. Acclaim
D. Censure
Answer: Option D
Applaud mean to express praise for somebody while censure mean to criticize somebody.

19. Antonym of JADE

A. Defend
B. Cheer
C. Grasp
D. Harass
Answer: Option B
Jade mean harass, make tried or bored while cheer mean to show support.

20. Antonym of PACIFY

A. Threaten
B. Challenge
C. Quarrel
D. Enrage
Answer: Option D
Pacify mean to make calm or quite to somebody who is angry or upset while Enrage mean to make angry.