1. Spotting errors in English

    A. Rahul is Often coming
    B. to me
    C. on Sundays
    D. No Error
    Answer: Option A
    Rahul often comes to me on Sundays.

    2.    Spotting errors in English

    A. Sheela just completed
    B. the letter
    C. then
    D. No error
    Answer: Option A

    Correct :

    Sheela had just completed the letter then.

    3.    Spotting errors in English

    A. It came to
    B. my notice
    C. lately
    D. No Error
    Answer: Option A
    Explanation:Correct :It hascame

    to my notice lately.

    4.    Spotting errors in English

    A. If you had seen
    B. yesterday’s cricket I am sure you
    C. would have enjoyed seeing our team bat
    D. No Error
    Answer: Option D
    No Error

    5.    Spotting errors in English

    A. I enquired of him
    B. why he is so negligent
    C. in his studies
    D. No Error
    Answer: Option B

    Corret :

    I enquired of him why he was so negligent in his studies.

    6.    Spotting errors in English

    A. As the meeting
    B. was about to end
    C. he insisted to ask
    D. several questions
    Answer: Option C
    Explanation:Correct :As the meeting was about to end he insisted on asking several questions.

    7.    Spotting errors in English

    A. The ship
    B. Was
    C. loaded
    D. with cotton
    Answer: Option C
    Explanation:Correct :The ship was laden with cotton.

    8.    Spotting errors in English

    A. When Hanish will come
    B.I will
    C. make sure
    D. I meet him
    Answer: Option A
    Explanation:Correct :When Hanish comes I will make sure I meet him.

    9.    Spotting errors in English

    A.The travellerbeing weary
    B. he sat by
    C. wood-side to rest
    D. No Error
    Answer: Option B
    Explanation:Correct :The traveller being weary sat by wood-side to rest.

    Drop “he” from option B

    10.  Spotting errors in English

    A. It is high time
    B. That
    C. we leave
    D. this place
    Answer: Option C

    Explanation:Correct :It is high time that we left this place.

    11.  Spotting errors in English

A. I am disappointed in
B. not having saw any place
C. while I was in
D. Delhi on vacation
Answer: Option B
Correct : I am disappointed in not having seen any place while I was in Delhi on vacation.

12.  Spotting errors in English

A. Now-a-days he
B. along with his friends go
C. for a ride
D. every evening
Answer: Option B
Correct : Now-a-days he along with his friends goes for a ride every evening

13.  Spotting errors in English

A. Shikha treated
B. Akshay not even
C. to cocktails
D. but also to dinner
Answer: Option B
Correct : Shikha treated Akshay not only to cocktails but also to dinner.
Replace “even” with “only” in option B

14.  Spotting errors in English

A. Him not agreeing
B. to accept the
C. proposals outlined
D. by the committee in baffling
Answer: Option A
Explanation:Correct : His not agreeing to accept the proposals outlined by the committee in baffling.
Replace “Him” with “His” is option A

15.  Spotting errors in English

A. An Indian ship
B. laden with merchandise
C. got drowned
D.  in the Pacific Ocean
Answer: Option C
Correct : An Indian ship laden with merchandise sank in the Pacific Ocean.

16.  Spotting errors in English

A. The students were
B. awaiting for
C. the arrival
D. the arrival
Answer: Option B
Correct : The students awaiting the arrival of the chief guest
Replace “awaiting for” for “awaiting” in option B

17.  Spotting errors in English

A. The minister’s speech
B. has been reported
C. to the newspaper

No error

Answer: Option C


Correct : The minister’s speech has been reported in the newspaper
Replace “to the newspaper” with “in the newspaper” in option C

18.   Spotting errors in English

A. The gentleman
B. together with his wife
C and children were
Answer: Option C
Correct : The gentleman together with his wife and children was there.
Replace “were” with “was” in option C

19.  Spotting errors in English

A. Hardly had
B. I left the house
C. than it began
D. to rain.
Answer: Option C
Correct : Hardly had I left the house when it began to rain.
Replace “than” with “when” in option C

20.  Spotting errors in English

A. The dresses
B. were neatly
C. hanged
D. on the clothe lineno error
Answer: Option C