1. Where politics fails, economics may some time succeed.

A. may sometimes succeeds
B. may sometime succeeds
C. sometimes succeed
D. sometimes succeeds
Answer: Option D

2. Only three fourths of the work are complete.

A. has complete
B. have complete
C. is complete
D. had complete
Answer: Option C

3. It is better to say too little than too much.

A. only little
B. very little
C. little
D. none
Answer: Option C

4. He has studied French since four years.

A. from four years
B. since four years ago
C. from four years ago
D. for four years
Answer: Option D

5. I could not help to laugh at the joke.

A. help laughing at
B. laugh at
C. to laughing at
D. none
Answer: Option A

6. She is tallest of all the girls.

A. a taller
B. taller
C. the taller
D. the tallest
Answer: Option D

7. She is worried about his health and also me

A. also is me
B. me also are
C. so am I
D. so come too
Answer: Option C

8. In summer, days are more warmer than nights.

A. more warm
B. warmest
C. warmer
D. none
Answer: Option C

9. He killed the enemy by his sword.

A. by sword
B. by a sword
C. with his sword
D. none
Answer: Option C

10. My copy is as good or better than yours.

A. as good as or
B. as good as
C. as good and better
D. none
Answer: Option B

11. Would you mind help me with these questions?

A.to help
B. of helping
C. helping
D. helped
Answer: Option C

12. Do how I say.

A. As
B. that
C. like
D. which
Answer: Option A

13. Can this machine be adopted in farm work.

A. For
B. By
C. To
D. Into
Answer: Option A

14. The traveler asked me if I know the way to the nearest inn.

A. Know
B. Knew
C. Had known
Explanation: The traveler asked me if I knew the way to the nearest inn.

15.  The doctor Suggsted me to take  a holiday.

A.     Suggsted me to take

B.     Suggested that i should

C.     Suggested to take


Explanation: The doctor suggested that I should take a holiday.

16. Pavan does not like me coming so late

A. Me come so late
B. my coming so late
C. I coming so late
D. no improvement

17. Ashok teaches very well, isn’t it?

A. didn’t he
B. doesn’t he
C. no improvement
D. wasn’t it

18. She sent a wordto me that she would be coming late.

A. sent word
B. sent words
C. had sent a word
D.no improvement

19. When we saw her last,she ran to catch a bus.

A. was running
B. has run
C. had run
D. no improvement

20.Bose was by far a great man of India.

A) no improvement
B) too great a man
C) a very great man
D) the greatest man