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  1. Anonymous says:

    When u purchase the set if u havent received it yet,go back to page of transaction and put up a case there about ua problem ur request ll b processed

  2. Unknown says:

    please help me with this question please give explanation :
    Sajeed and Majeed are gambler.they love talking on final team ranking in cricket
    tournament.LPI cricket tournament is thier favor
    A total of five team is participating in this year LPI(A,B,C,D,E).before the tournament
    begins,sajeed and majeed guess the result.
    According to sajeed ranking will be A,B,C,D,E where according to majeed thier ranking will
    be D,A,E,C,B.At the end of to
    urnament it turns out
    that sajeed had not predicted even a single rank corectly nor he had predicted correct
    ordering of any pair of consecutive teams.on the other hand
    majeed had predicted ranking of two teams correctly and he had also predicted ordering
    two pairs of consecutive teams.
    Answer the following quenstion
    (a) :Which Team Won LPI tournament this year
    1:) A
    2:) B
    3:) E
    4:) None Of These
    (b) :Which team was ranked one behind team B
    4:)None Of These

  3. Anonymous says:

    Amcat Repeated Questions – All Questions from Previous years, I have paid for the pdf's and preparing from it for AMCAT exam which is scheduled to be on 11th i.e on coming Sunday.

    I really liked the study material.

  4. Rohit Sharma says:

    For all asking about paid materials.

    They are really helpful and you must consider buying them. I gave the paper and good amount of questions were repeated in the exam and scored.

    94%ile in the exam.

  5. anirban chakrabortay says:

    lol ,u guys r either stupid or noob.did u guys prac all the questions??i had practiced all the questions from those paid study material,nd i got 70% same to same question nd rest 10% were simmilar type….so don't bark here like this paid materials are useless nd all

  6. paraphrase service says:

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  7. Ronald R. Williams says:

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